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How to make great photos for your dating profile

Angela Lyn
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Okay, so you have your nice, new, shiny profile, and the first thing that you want to do is to add some photographs to it, but before you do that, you should start by considering what sort of impression you want to make.

You’ll naturally want to make a good first impression, so you need photographs that reflect your personality, and are as interesting as possible. The first thing anyone will look at will almost certainly be your face, so make your initial photograph – your main photograph – a good, clear picture of your face.

Show that 1 million dollar smile

Okay, not necessarily in all your photographs, but in most of them. Very few people want to spend time with someone who doesn’t know how to smile and be happy.

Make the remainder of your pictures as interesting and as varied as possible. If you want to attract someone to you, you have to BE attractive to achieve that.

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Photos that you should not be uploading to your profile

Do not show 20 or 30 photographs of your face. It’s boring and will achieve nothing. You’re not just a face, after all, and people will want to see more of you. Give it to them.

Do not show 200 or 300 photographs, as some profiles do. Anyone looking at your profile will quickly become bored, and probably not even look at most of them, as well as getting the impression that you’re desperate. You may be desperate, but why advertise it?!

Do not show photographs that contradict what you’ve said in your profile, like (for instance) a photograph that shows you smoking when you claim to be a non-smoker. You may have given up, but anyone seeing your picture won’t know that, and they’ll suspect that you’re lying.

Do not show a whole gallery of pictures taken with a selfie stick. You’ll give the impression that you don’t have any friends who will take photographs for you. So what’s wrong with you that you don’t have any friends?

Finally, just to repeat what has already been said, think about what sort of impression you want to make. You’re advertising yourself, so consider carefully what you would like people to see and think. It’s definitely worth spending some time on it.

Get it wrong, and you’ll never find your dream partner.

Get it right, and it could change your life for the better!

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