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3 things that makes ladyboy love easy to find

Pharine Lee
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Have you ever wonder why when it comes to finding your dream guy or your ladyboy partner, it seems so easy for others while it’s very hard when it comes to you? Or asked yourself what other ladyboys or other men have that you don’t have. Well do not worry; there’s is nothing wrong with you. Being you is just fine; you just have to lighten up a bit and increase positivity on the way you do things, whether it’s online dating for ladyboys or meeting in person. So here are some advices that I can give you on how to change yourself in a positive way.

Make an effort on your presentation

Let’s admit that what we notice first is the looks. Now here is a fact that all of you should know, not all models are perfect. They just know how to angle their selves at the camera and they are all provided with good lighting, hair and makeup. So I’m pretty sure that a ladyboy can do it as well as the guys out there. All you have to do is practice in front of the mirror and camera; find your best angle and every time you take a shot, your best angle should be facing towards the light… whether it’s a natural light coming out from your window or camera flash. Don’t worry about the hair and makeup thing because if you are posing at your best angle you will always look good even with or without makeup. Besides your aim is for someone to like you for what you really are and not to surprise them when you meet in person.

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Keeping up a good conversation

Now, the common problem that we encounter in dating is, we ran out of questions to ask. Like what they always say it’s better to have back up. Analyze what common questions do you ask in a conversation, make a list and from there you will see what more can you ask. Try to add also funny and weird ones like “lights on or lights off” just to add up tiny bits of spice to your conversation. And along with it, I’m sure you will find certain topics that you can talk to for hours. You might be surprise that he or she or even you yourself didn’t notice that you are talking for a long time. And that only means that you are enjoying each other’s company. Don’t worry, having tons of questions will just show how much interested you are to the ladyboy or guy that you are dating whether it’s online dating or in person.

Just be consistent

Now that you are equipped with these two, all you have to do is to maintain it and enjoy… you may find it a bit hard at first but as you get along you will get used to it and it will come out naturally. Remember, “Practice makes permanent”. But like what all plastic surgeon says: you have to do it not for anyone else but for yourself. You should be the first one to have the benefits of these positive changes. Improving your appearance will give you confidence and having a great conversation will give you joy, right? One day you find yourself in love and on ladyboy relationship like everyone else that you dreamed of.

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The first decent dating site for ladyboys & cool guys
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Pharine Lee
Hello everyone I am Pharine. Graduate of Care Giving, Cosmetology and Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Physical Education. I love make over and currently co-owner of Pink & Fab Salon.

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3 thoughts on “3 things that makes ladyboy love easy to find

  1. being honest and true to yourself and to others is one important thing to remember too 🙂

    im tIN, single though!

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