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I initially joined the site around 2014 and have been an on and off member ever since. My first impression of the site was very positive and, later it was confirmed by my experiences and browsing. I could see that, the administrators enforce a clean site, free of porno and scammers, and do their best to help and promote the cause of transgender women. They protect all members, especially male members, by banning and removing the ones who do not use the site on an honest and clean manner. Any porno, lewd proposals or inappropriate communications, are removed and, in the worst cases, the offending member is banned. Overall, I always had a positive experience. Off course, what happens between members cannot be controlled, especially if they start communicating privately. Many of the members are honestly trying to find partner but, some are only trying to find an ATM machine, to cater for their needs. However, that is not the site or the administrators fault. My experience has been continuously positive and, in particular I appreciate that Maki, one of the administrators is always available and ready for advice and support. I am here again, confident that, as far as the site administration is concerned, I am protected and I am using a (very rare) clean, honest and free of porno site. Thank you very much My Ladyboy Date.

Emilio, 63, Austrália

Over the years I've had reasons to leave myladyboydate.com but I always found myself coming back in the hopes that I find the special someone to spend my life with. I've built lasting friendships with some members and this website is above and beyond the competition. The staff works relentlessly hard to ensure your experience is honest and fruitful. And I'm happy to be a member. I haven't found her yet, but with the help of myladyboydate.com. I know I'm getting closer with my search. Thank you.

Chris, 37, Estados Unidos

Been a member on myladyboydate for a couple of years. Here girls are real and does not look like fake pornstars like on many other sites. I´m very pleased and will be a member here even if I meet someone to live my life with because sites like this should continue to exist. A place for sincere people to meet. Peppe from Sweden.

Peppe, 47, Suécia

Thank you for having this 😍😍 I am glad to meet new faces and new people as well as to explore the beauty and excitement as part of LGBT family. Thank you and more power!

Thea, 24, Filipinas

I would like to thank you for your dating site because I had found long term relationships here, both are over a year. The first one was 2016 and the other one ended up this year. Though both didn't work out I'm still here looking for the right one. Keep it up and help more transgender to find their love. Take care and thank you.

Carla, 27, Filipinas

You have a great dating site. Thank you, it inspired me a lot to stay and look for a good partner here.

Keiy, 26, Filipinas

Myladyboydate is a very good idea and I like it that you take care, that here is no prostitution, spam or something like that. I found Myladyboydate by searching in internet and I was very happy to found a site like yours.

Mike, 46, Áustria

Can't wait for the app version of this 😘❤️

Michal, 25, Filipinas

Nice to chatting on your dating site, I enjoy it, by far, your dating site is the most serious I know!

Patrick, 55, Bélgica

Awesome service and beautiful woman!! Love the photos and ability to message with anyone.

Don, 55, Estados Unidos

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