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Category: Ladyboy news

Waria: An Introduction to Indonesian Ladyboys

Ladyboy is a common term used to pertain to transgender women in the east. Terminologies like kathoey, newhalf, transpinay, bakla, etc. usually take the spotlight. However, it’s important to know about these words’ Indonesian counterparts. The reason being is because, in Indonesia, the largest muslim country, it’s very difficult to be a ladyboy. It’s a […]

Miss Tiffany Universe 2020 Coronation Night

The most prestigious beauty pageant for transgender women in Thailand is upon everyone. A night of glitz, glamour, and change is set to happen on November 28, 2020. Whether you’re placing a bet, looking at beautiful ladyboys, a pageant aficionado, or just plain curious, you shouldn’t miss it. If you want to know more about […]

Importance of Proper Tucking and Safety Measures

If you’re a ladyboy, have a ladyboy girlfriend, or it’s your first time with ladyboys, it’s vital for you to know the importance of proper tucking. Without safety measures and ample knowledge, it can prove to be dangerous. The majority may find this topic a bit trivial and to some, comical. However, in this guide, […]

All About Miss Tiffany Universe

Beautiful ladyboys are everywhere but Thailand has a huge number of them. However, some don’t settle for beautiful and are seeking extraordinarily beautiful ladyboys. The easiest way to spot them is through beauty pageants. Today, you’re going to discover the biggest and most prestigious beauty pageant for Ladyboys in Thailand… Miss Tiffany Universe. Please know […]