I'm not a stop along the way, I'm a destination.

I am interested in men between 23 and 35

I am looking for Making friends and Relationship


English and Filipino
166 cm (5'5")
Body type
Physical look
Would travel
Would relocate
Education level
Eating habits
Eat anything
I smoke socially
Zodiac sign
Chinese zodiac sign
Sexual role


If you're boring and can't even keep the conversation going and lack of showing interest, don't message me. I don't have time for guys who can't even hold it together.

I'm not here to play games and shit. Looking for someone to who's willing to risk everything just to be with me and of course likewise ;)

If you just want to play games then you can hit up the girl next to me. No offense tho. If you're intimidated by my Bio, then you're still a boy who badly needs attention or who needs ego boost that still makes you feel good by having a lot girls. Totally not for grown up women.

Quick disclaimer:

This is getting out of hand, but I'm not one of those whores here who are no jobs and asks for visas, insisting you to travel in my country and most esp would leach money from you. Keep your money to your self. I have 2 minor and 1 major jobs I'm working on. I can eat 5 times a day and I'm paying my own bills. I'm here because I'm looking for that one special Guy who's gonna spend the rest of my life with, regardless of anything might happen, I might go travel and see you if I think you're the one.

So fuck these bitches who gave us/me co-transwomen a bad impression. You are one of the reasons why the society won't take us seriously.

My views about this whole dating site; people come and go, and it's like a speed dating but the worst. One day someone will be so interested and the next day will meet someone better and they ended up ghosting you. Lol Thats life! Before you message me, make sure to yourself that you could keep up with this madness. From now on I wont be giving my personal informations unless I'm really comfortable and I see that you're worth it. If I viewed and favorited your page, consider yourself lucky :) Ain't one of these girls who just want something from you. I just want a guy who I'm gonna share my life and success with. :)

Lastly, no offense but I dont reply to guys who are over 50+. It's just my views in life, I want to have someone to live our lives together. Thank you.

PS Goodluck to all of us :)

UPDATED As of August 6, 2018.

- I realized my description was too aggressive haha and got a lot of constructive criticisms from guys who are intimidated obviously. Sorry about that! Atleast I filtered some of these dudes who aren't shared with the same views as mine. Enough with the negatives, let's get it on the positive side of me.

I'm pretty laid back and "love long conversation" kind of person. I also consider myself as an Ambivert introverted. I spend mostly of my time at work, friends (when we hangout for a bottle of wine), and of course, my place (sleep/watching TV). I'm not really an active person not really into sports either. But I'm very dedicated when it comes to work. Since I'm planning to move in London in 5 years to work. Thats my long term plan.

So I hope this site works since I'm a very busy person, I cant entertain anyone personally I prefer talking to them online and we'll see where it goes. :)