I DONT use Snapchat filters, they lie and distort.

I am interested in men between 18 and 35

I am looking for Fun / dating, Making friends & Relationship


175 cm (5'8")
Body type
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Would travel
Would relocate
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Caucasian (white)
Eating habits
I live
With my family
I drink
I smoke
Never but I stand smoke
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I DON'T USE SNAPCHAT FILTERS - They distort your face to make you erroneously attractive. I use Messenger filters that don't distort. :)

Personality type: ENFP. (Tell me your's!)


Hi, darlings! :*

Those who are in my vicinity will discover that I'm a bizarrely multifaceted person:

- I am an inquisitive child who seeks to understand the intricate details.

- I am a playful and whimsical little girl who cracks jokes, dances around and tries to find the joy in everything.

- I am a deeply introspective philosophizer (I don't even know if that's a damn word, but lord knows I'm not going to be pompous enough to call myself a philosopher!) who pensively reflects and engages in controversial, scintillating conversation about all manner of things.

- I am an avid gamer. Video games are what I'm passionate about!

- I am deeply romantic and my firm belief is that life is about close union and companionship. I mean it's what our survival as a social species has been predicated on! I am romantic in every sense of the word, daahling!

- I am not judgmental, I'm extremely open-minded and you are free to divulge to me the darkest details of your being. I am honored for you to confide in me.

- Optimism and gratitude are my life mantras. Once you are equipped with the tool of being able to find the light in all situations, you are omnipotent and the antithesis of a victim. I am blessed in every situation I'm in, and even during the low ebbs of emotional pain, I am thankful to be experiencing what I am.

- I don't watch TV... I know! It's so weird, sorry. But here's the thing, my mind needs to keep active. I need to freakin' create and learn and interact. It's soo hard for me to sit in front of a TV and just absorb passively, it makes me feel like I'm atrophying, ha.

- I am a spiritual person. I'm not religious, but I do subscribe to beliefs like the law of attraction (adhering to a more nuanced version, not the overly simplified "The Secret" version (which I found to be a little reductive), although "The Secret" did change my perspective!). Aspects of Buddhism resonate with me. P.S. I don't walk around with incense sticks poking out my ass, I just happen to view the world through a magical lens.

- I love glamour, beauty and self-expression, and god damn it, while I'm in possession of this temporal sack of flesh, it's my prerogative to adorn it in the ways that I love and be a peacock. BUT, it's important to note that while I love portraying a radiant display, fundamentally I LOVE coming home, getting into a PJs and just chilling. On most days, I'm not a glittery, perfectly waxed sex-kitten, but it's fun to play the role sporadically, y'know?


I am also somewhat voluble if you couldn't already deduce that from the lengthy profile. There's obviously much more to me, lovelies, but that will unfold in conversation.

I love you all and I urge you to proliferate your brand of kindness and light in this world. We freaking need it.