Hi Honeys

I am interested in pre-op, post-op, non-op, and transvestites between 18 and 40

I am looking for Fun / dating, Making friends, and Relationship


German and English
180 cm (5'10")
70 kg (154 lbs)
Body type
Physical look
Would travel
I don’t know
Would relocate
I don’t know
Finances / accounting
Education level
Secondary / High School
Caucasian (white)
Eating habits
Eat anything
I am a regular smoker
Zodiac sign
Chinese zodiac sign
Sexual role


Hi ladies, i just signed up here because i'm very curious about "the third gender". To be honest, i hate that label, because it is not more than that. A label. In my opinion, all of you are beautiful women (or whatever you want to be), so don't get me wrong. It's about the inner feelings of a person, not only the outer appearance. In my case, i would prefer a more feminin look but thats a case by case decision anyway so try your luck ;) ... Furthermore there is another important criteria for me: I believe that true love isn't a thing of attachement so in case you are in search of a sugardaddy, i might not be the right choice. True love is a thing that is in need to flow which doesn't mean that i would like a kind of "open relationship" because i think to love someone means to respect that person as much as possible for what the person is. And therefore it is very important for me not to betray anyone and the other way round.

About myself:

I would describe myself as a very laid back, honest, funny, caring, loveable and respectful guy who doesn't give much about materialistic things. Neither i need a penis extension on 4 wheels nor am i in need of the newest i-phone. I don't need fancy clothes or stupid accessoires like fat gold chains and big watches to show to others "LOOK, i made it". Which doesn't mean i give a shit about my outer appearance but it hasn't to be gucci or stuff like that. This also doesn't mean, that i judge people who spend more money on clothes etc. And of course i have a "dark side". Sometimes i can be very impulsive and highly sensitive, sometimes i am a bit uncertain and sometimes i can be very melancholic. But i know for myself, i have my heart in the right place. ... And where light is, there will be shadows too, noone is perfect.

What is important for me what money can buy would be travelling (i love visiting new places) and all the stuff i need for my passion, the music. Not only the listening to all kind of music, i love dj-ing (Drum'n'Bass most of time) a lot and i also love making computer-based music on my own (Electronic, HipHop and Experimental). Real wealth for me is having good relationships and loving what you are doing with your free time. Besides that i have to earn money, so i have to work half of the day as a salesman in healthcare which can be fun too. But most of time its more a necessity than anything else. And there is another thing which isn't very important for me: Religion. Or let me explain better, i dont believe in one particular god, i believe in mother nature Gaia and evolution. I thought i should mention that, because especially in the asian parts of this world, people are still very god-fearing where in europe this is more a subordinate thing. To each his own but religion for sure isn't mine :D

So if that fits for you, don't be shy and send me a message :)

Kisses :*