I am a kind person
I am looking for men between 18 and 99


Thai & English
170 cm (5'6")
53 kg (117 lbs)
Body type
Physical look
Does it really matter?
Would travel
I don't know
Would relocate
I don't know
Education level
Vocational School
Eating habits
I live
With my family
I drink
I smoke
I smoke socially
Sexual role


I want people to be honest with me. And I love what I do, I will not be a real woman. And I do not sell services

Now I'm a student,Hotel management

I would like to have a BoyFriend who speaks Thai

And as a foreigner, I think, cute good.

And I think it will be easy to communicate.

I wanted to have a serious relationship and lasting.

My English is very weak But I want to learn and love it.

I translated

I'm sorry, I'm stupid in English.

I am an ordinary person does not want anything except love for each other.

I do not like people who lie

and Playboy

I like guys higher than me.

I'm not a prostitute

If you think I'm too young, you do not have to waste your time with me.

Activities me to find something delicious to eat and I love to travel.

Every Sunday, every time I need to inject the hormone.
Born to be a hard ladyboy.
Hormone drug expensive if not eat it is not beautiful.
If you do not eat hormones, your body will be like a man and your body will not be like a woman.
Hormonal medication is not good for the body.

Just fake body But my heart was not in disguise :P

Now I have short hair, long hair, because I wear a wig.
I'm funny, I have short hair, many do not like me

I like to listen to music at night
It's a great feeling lonely

I like romance <3

I live In Bangkok Thailand

I love makeup

I think in the future I have a sex change operation.

I like pets and babies.

I want to have kids and a great family. But I can not have children, I'm not a woman.

I thank everyone who answered my. I think we started that first hello best.

And also I have behaved as Thai

If you are interested in me.
Message to Me :D

I'm a shy person

I want to talk to people in Bangkok Thailand.

I love the sea and the sunshine

I did not choose a handsome boyfriend. But I choose the habit is important.
For me, the age is just a number I do not care.
I think it was a ladyboy. It's hard to find a boyfriend.
So I will not much about it.

If anyone sends me a message, I answer everyone. If I do not answer, I think it's bad manners when he wants to talk to us.
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