Searchin for a Partner in Life

I am interested in men between 25 and 70

I am looking for Relationship and Marriage


English and Filipino
170 cm (5'6")
48 kg (106 lbs)
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Never, I can’t stand smoke
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Just a honest women looking to meet a nice honest person...
I am kind of shy and probably slightly socially awkward lol... but I love listening to what people have to say and enjoy exploring new places...
I like reading, I enjoy a good movie and I enjoy all music, especialy house music rnb and pop lovesongs
I like holding hands, long cuddles and snuggle... i do really love singing as well..'.yes, I'm a kind nice and pleasant person who likes to listen to people, I have never been the best at writing these so I do apologise there is a lot too me I like reading, movies, writing, art, and a lot more. Personality and intellect is something I believe in strongly and a good sense of humour.
I'm not the best looking girl I know but I have a good heart and mind and have i am a very romantic, passionate,openminded, loving, god fearing, a versatile ladyboy .who loves to cook for my partner andwilling to give an unconditional love for the man i love,,,,,im looking for a person, a man who will love me for who i am, and who is caring,loving, honest, i dont look forphysical attributes, but for real and very kind person as here in this site not for playing games,,, im here seeking my husband, my man to be with me for the rest of my life...Everyone wantst their soulmate, someone who will be with them forever and loved them no matter what...Do you want to know my idea on love??? someone is saying iloveyou is great,but its just a word more in the action, love is when you hear that person's voice on the phone,and your hearts beats faster,when you see that person accross the crowded room and there smile and look melts your heart and makes it seem like you two are the only ones in the roomwhen they kiss you passionately,and when the kiss ends you find your eyes still closed and your knees go weak actions speaks louder than words.When it comes to true love...ill tell you about me, Im caring and very hardworker especially in love and family oriented,nothing comes before family,I will always,if ever that time comes support and encourage my partner,someone who can appreciate the beauty in sunrise and sunset.someone to not only compliments me,but challenge me and be challenged by me,someone who knows,and understands your comfortable places,but who just let as readily takes you to a new and exciting places,to be able to speak without ever saying a word.things like shared passion,not only for each other,but for life for the share joy of being alive and being able to share that someone who could appreciate the beauty and power of the angriest storm.someone who can stand in awe at the rainbow that follow, someone brave enough to face whatever trials life forces in front of us,yet someone compassionate enough to weaken at the sound of a babies cry.someone rigid and stern in their values in who they are and to know that the only boundaries that will i ever hold you are the ones you set...hoping and praying that i could found the right man for me...