Im looking for serious relationship

I am interested in men between 18 and 60

I am looking for Making friends, Relationship & Marriage


English & Filipino
168 cm (5'6")
60 kg (132 lbs)
Body type
Physical look
Would travel
Would relocate
Education level
Secondary/High School
Eating habits
I live
With my family
I drink
I smoke
Never, I can’t stand smoke
Zodiac sign
Chinese zodiac sign
Sexual role


Single doesn't always mean available and taken doesn't always mean in love. You're going to have to be someone truly amazing if you want to change me being single. If you are not happy being single, you will never be happy in a relationship. Get your own life first, then share it.

"Love will travel as far as you let it. It has no limits."
Although miles keep us apart. Just thinking of you bring happines to my HEART .

The most important factors in a relationship are communication, acceptance, patience, compromise and forgiveness. A good relationship should have three mantras, eyes that would not cry, lips that would not lie and love that would not die. Trust the one who can see three things in you, sorrow behind your smile. Love behind your anger & reason behind your silence.

I believe that a good relationship consist of honesty, trust and open communication. Looking for a man that has the ability to do that. I want to fall in love with my best friend and someone that knows what I am thinking or feeling without words having to be spoken.

The Choose's and Over's

Choose a "man" over a "boy",
Because it's not the gender baby.
It's the behavior that we need badly,
And also, kindly add the maturity,

Choose a " well-mannered" over a "good looking"
Because you can't eat looks for a living,
You need a partner in life,
And not an escort that can ride your vibe.

Choose a "knight" over a "prince"
Because that's what it means,
A creature in shining armor or,
A charming creature, that's not worth dying for?

Choose a "diamond" over a "rock"
Because when it fades, there's no way to turn it back.
Don't waste it, as long as you have it,
Because it has the value you haven't think.

Choose a "man of actions" over a "man of words"
Because words are like swords.
While actions, doesn't need further explanations,
Because as long as you can see them, there's coordination.

Choose "time" over "money"
Because money is too many,
Unlike time, that some are running out of,
It's not something that you can turn on and off.

Choose "reality" over "fantasy"
Because it's not good to live in ecstacy,
When you know that all you need,
Is reality's some good deeds.

Choose a "home" over a "house"
Not also for you but also for your spouse,
Because nothing can be greater than home with no harm,
Especially when it's already beneath each others arm.

Choose the "painful truth" over the "sweetest lie"
Because even the sweetest can be the saltiest,
But no matter how painful the truth is,
Time can heal the pain caused by it.

Choose "the one that God allowed" over "the one that got away"
Because God finds another way.
If he let you go, it's his loss not yours.
You just choose the choose's over the over's