Top man pls. Make me feel like a natural woman.

I am interested in men between 18 and 50

I am looking for Making friends, Relationship & Marriage


English & Filipino
161 cm (5'3")
55 kg (121 lbs)
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Trying this site once again. First relationship here was a complete nightmare but that awful experience didn't stop me from believing that there's really a right person for each one of us. Someone who will treat us right, someone who won't cheat and in stable mental condition. The deserving one.

A little intro about me, I am Fritzie. I'm a freelance professional make up artist/hairstylist. I work with celebrities here, TV ads, print ads, weddings, debuts, etc., that needed my artistic hands. Independent woman, I live alone with my two cats in a studio type apartment I am renting. Yes I pay my own bills and everything with my freelance job. Sometimes I treat my family and friends, but would be lovely if I'm gonna treat my future man too. I am easy to please and not high maintenance. I can eat beside the street with my bare hands. Lol Having a freelance job is kinda hard but I'm happy I'm surviving and living comfortably somehow with my decent job. I believe in karma, that the money from wrong doings, money you just asked and extorted from someone won't bring any good to you. I know some people who have tasted their own medicine. :)
I do travel around here in the Philippines whenever I can but haven't been out of the country yet though I have my passport already. Maybe soon.

I like to be with someone who can make me laugh as me myself is sometimes the joker in the friend's circle. My profile might sound too serious as you are reading it but wait till you meet me in person. Lol I can be funny and crazy but can be serious as well, I mean we should know how to put the mood in
the right places yeah.
I like a manly partner and top in bed would be great too. Don't get me wrong, I know we do have our own preferences and I am so much like of a real woman and my past relationships are only with straight guys so I would love to feel that I am with a real man and living a heterosexual relationship. Hope you understand and hope that doesn't sound too demanding. :)
I uploaded photos of me with and without the make up so you have idea how I look like after our date and that you won't scream after seeing me so plain like a blank canvass. Hahaha Something I can be proud to say is that people around me still sees me as a real woman even if I don't wear any make up. If you don't wanna believe that's fine. :P
Yes I have natural curly hair! Marimar aaaw! Siempre siempre manda el amor. No que no. Lol

So thank you for reading my profile, much appreciated if you reach up to this point. Hope to hear from you soon. Who knows you might be the one that I've been patiently waiting for. Haha
Let me end my profile with this quote, "Remember, even at your best you will never be right for the wrong person.
But even at your worst, the right person will always remind you of your worth."
Always have a great day everyone! Best of luck.