If u Treat Me like a Toy prepare to meet ANNABELLE

I am interested in men between 18 and 60

I am looking for Making friends


168 cm (5'6")
60 kg (132 lbs)
Body type
Physical look
Would travel
Would relocate
Customer service
Education level
Eating habits
Never but I do not mind smoke
Zodiac sign
Chinese zodiac sign
Sexual role


There r some cute guys but I’m trans and I’m into Top Man Not into Bottom Man

*If u Don’t like me or My Content, just Leave... I DONT require your Feedback or Reviews..Did I tickle your balls? No Right ? So ? My Body My Way ..I’m not getting on a plane or spent my money so any man can meet me, and since im the one who travels i think the least thing u could do is follow my availability, world doesnt revolves around u Darling... if u want to be spoon fed u can try Crossdresser or Gay men ... I would too if I was them coz I didn’t have to spend hundred thousands for surgeries, therapies and suffering all the pain

Oh here’s a thing if I was a man I wouldn’t like me too. Y should I? When I get bombarded by million trans online telling me how much they love me and wanting to me marry on cyber world ( hahaha it’s like living in fantasy when ur ego being boosted by all these fantasies from million miles away ) but is it real ? lol

Darling we r not all PARIS HILTON, born rich, weve to work our ass out to look beautiful sexy and classy, if u want all that AND an angel find one in HEAVEN at the end of the day, its NOT u who will come and offer me shelter or food if ive NONE ...so lets GET REAL

Best thing about men is they dont want to travel they believe its not worth the risk for uncertainty ( efforts ,energy & money) but as soon as u r travelling to their country thats when they swarm u like Regatta of flies sailing around a pile of poo.

Besides if i can afford few thousands to travel to your country im PRETTY SURE i can afford to buy myself coffee and meals.So u dont have to worry about taking me out for meals hoping u might GET LAID out of that 20 pound dealbreaker. even if u r not expecting SEX which MOST DO it is still unappealing to me "a man waiting on the other side for the girl to travel while flipping their dongle to come and silver spoon them" ...eww no thanx i rather be alone and die alone.

Ive been travelling living in another countries for years, challenge & risking everything Ive got just so I can improve myself & life therefore I expect same trait. Its not easy to have a decent life being a trans most of us have to work hard and cry at night to be beautiful / be admired so if u guys unwilling to sacrifice a bit then we are not meant for each other

few men on dating sites complained on how they have been mistreated and conned,first of all, u cant put all the blame on the girls... the fact that men couldnt handle reality and the truth and prefer lies over honesty, makes them an easy target. what do u expect anyway?Lying has been girls best options online because theres a demand for it.

Relationship is a 2 way communication, physical attraction comes first .... offline or online. Then only comes down to what is inside - your inner beauty or whatever bollocks u want to believe in. Therefore it is CRUCIAL to post RECENT and MORE PICTURES on your profile. Reason being
- to avoid disappointment & waste of time