Compliments won’t get u a reply BUT good pics will

I am interested in men between 18 and 60

I am looking for Making friends


168 cm (5'6")
60 kg (132 lbs)
Body type
Physical look
Would travel
Would relocate
Customer service
Education level
Eating habits
Never but I do not mind smoke
Zodiac sign
Chinese zodiac sign
Sexual role


hi guys I hope u r doing well in such horrible situation that we r all facing ... I could consider myself to be lucky to be back in Malaysia with my family and not still in London, UK adventuring or still living in Australia studying ....

I’m doing ok in life ... and I thank God for all the opportunity and blessing all these years ... but honestly if I’m looking for a man to settle down which is a serious thing ... I’d prefer someone who can handle responsibilities as a man and as a leader of the family ... because relationship isn’t about fun and sex but responsibilities... if u r worried that the girl may run away when u send them money or flight tickets to meet u then I suppose u should fly to them or me ... not the other way round... if u expect to build a family a relationship or a future together that’s what Uve to think coz at the end of the day, we or I will be moving to where u live ... let’s be very Realistic ... yes I’m willing to walk through the rough terrain together which I have and had for trying to look decent and adorable ... but once I moved to your country I’ll be leaving everything behind for love that’s amazing really but have u ever thought ? In order for me to walk through that rough terrain I need to have legal documentation? Even to work as cleaner or sales assistant for example.... and things that r required to even get those legal documents? Which most of u not into serious relationship let alone civil partnership. And even if u do , it will takes months or yearssss before I can be able to find a job to support ... after everything has been approved... Life isn’t just about Fun ... i don’t travel and spend My saving money for a cup of coffee or a plate of meal ... after all I’ve spent a lot and still am to look the way I am now ... which I could just save and looking like a man in dresses and use all that money to buy plane tickets to meet any of u .. but the question is “Would u want that?” So pls be reasonable and smart ... I am smart therefore I am careful with my future, it’s not about Materialistic but Being wise, plus most Men aren’t Monogamous Its only a matter of time before they jump to a new one

Relationship is about chemistry .... 2 people fancy each other physically and connect mentally ... it’s not totally about the look but yes physics is important .... u can’t lie and I will not lie .... there r times where we fall for someone not for the look but the feeling ... but that’s only once or after u meet that person in person ....

I’m looking for a Top / active Tall fit Man around my age ... fit, muscular or Dads bod .... who’s active and manly man.. the perfect candidate is a guy who is willing to travel to meet and visit me .... Age isn’t just a number but it comes with wisdom, responsibility, maturity, respect and experience... tho there r those who r lacking all these attributes .... and those who r more matured than their age ... so I rather keep everything open until I meet the “Right” One