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I am interested in men between 18 and 60

I am looking for Fun / dating, Relationship & Marriage


English & Filipino
165 cm (5'4")
48 kg (106 lbs)
Body type
Physical look
Would travel
Would relocate
Education level
Eating habits
Eat anything
I live
With my family
I drink
I smoke
Never but I stand smoke
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Based from my experience here of meeting some guys... Of course they will say hi to you here and compliment you as a sign of a good start of conversation. After talking few lines they will ask for a personal cintact. And once you already keep in touch they gonna tell you they need to know you first (for a few months) before they can travel of course the conversation includes personal pics like nudes and they will alsk demand for a sex videocall so they can tell there is feelings. When the date of the promised arrival is near they will start making an excuse they cannot come anymore or have to move date like a month or so for personal reason... If you are this kind of guy I'm telling you don't tend tk message me anymore cos i hate toxic people like this.

If you have plan to visit my country let's meet up in Manila. Don't waste your time to chat me unless you'll come here to meet me face to face and go out for a real date and plan for the/our future. I don't fall inlove in mushy mushy messages on chat, i really don't fall in love to strangers who i never met personally. I don't flirt in chat too so if your intention is to ask number and exchange sexual pics then leave my page. I'm a realistic person so I prefer the real dating thing to start a real lasting relationship, everything starts with a glance then long conversation in person and then chemistry. I believe that this site is just a helpful way for help us(ladyboys) to find a partner and connect. I am straightforward and if you're looking for a friendly chat or a friend, don't talk to me.
I am realistic person and i dont want to convince someone to fall in love with me in chatting just to visit me. For me real relationship only developes and last if two people are together sharing memorable experience together not chatting for long period of time. Lets not make false promises seeing someone if you can't. Instead, make effort to make it happen.

I'm an artist i have a degree in bachelor of fine arts major in advertising. Im a freelance makeup artist and i work in casino hotels as vip receptionist/hostess. I am high maintenance and i can maintain myself with that cos i have a good paying job thats why i can afford to buy expensive stuffs and pay my bills.

I'm searching for a real relationship. No playing games and that person must be willing to come travel and meet me personally. Let's explore my beautiful country and i will show you around.