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I am interested in men between 18 and 45

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Thai, French, and English
169 cm (5'6")
66 kg (146 lbs)
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Someone said Beauty of brain outplays beauty of face and I have been hearing that for such a long time. However, I am still curious that is this quote true or not? Growing up with a male body made me feel like I would never be pretty enough. Since men are actually obsessed by a surface appearance from both genetic and transsexual women more than other qualities that they are possessed.

Having been in a Fashion Designer school for four years, I have realized that it is just an investment in self-presentation, the simulation of beauty and it could be designed. Obviously, due to those vibrant and sultry pictures of myself, It proves that I have an improvement. During these days, I have received a lot of compliments, not only men but also women. I am truly appreciated and I hope that holes in my self-confidence could be completely fulfilled.

Undoubtedly, outstanding physical attraction is one of many essential factors for dating. However, most of the time, it has constituted by conventions which often supersede a true beauty. We all know that apprehension of beauty is subject to much idiosyncratic taste. It seems to me that it is worth the efforts to find the inner light that connote something transcendental, something beyond the carnal allure that I could never be valuable through those eyes without it. I am not sure what exactly it is but it could be qualities of intelligence, understanding, charm or humour etc. Likewise, these are things I wish I could see from my interlocutor. Despite having a lascivious look, there are still many dimensions for you to see. Would it be a thousand pities to disregard me only judging by my covers?

As I have always believed that doubt is often the beginning of wisdom, I am enthusiastic about demolishing questionable walls. Therefore, is it better to not believe what I wrote on the description until you yourself have already destroyed those walls? I could be described as a creative, open-minded and curious person. I prefer novelty and a focus on hidden meanings and future possibilities always questioning, wondering and making connections. Don't be surprise if I would take anything to philosophical discussion and my questions could be blunt sometimes but I have no intention to hurt anyone.

Being on my own makes it more difficult to perceive the good in oneself. That is why sometimes I seek acknowledgement from others here. I consider myself as a genuine person. Ultimately, I have no interest in spending my time with those untrustworthy liars.

Presently, for the weekends, I'm working as a fashion design tutor, preparing high school students for entrancing to universities. A graphic designer for wall painting (That wallpaper you saw in the first picture is one of my collage designs.) and every Wednesday, I will teach art and creative craft for children.

I might be late for reply but please do not block me so fast. I may try to write something.