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Category: Transgender news

Kathoey, who are they ?

Are you new to dating ladyboys? Has your fascination towards transgender women led to you, wondering what the word kathoey means? There are a lot of terms used around the world pertaining to transgender women. Today, you will discover the true meaning of the word and everything that goes along with it. Please know that […]

Are the hijra and transgender woman the same?

Transgender is a very popular term around the globe. However, not everyone is adept at speaking English. When visiting other countries, it’s wise to know the proper terminologies. This is to avoid confusion and other possible conundrums. If you’re planning to go to India to meet transgender women; or simply communicate with an Indian trans […]

Non-Surgical Approaches to Voice Feminization

As a chiropractor, I work with living anatomy. I use intention and neurology to make changes in the body, rather than drugs and surgery. Health education is a major part of my work. It is important (for both your health and finances) to maximize non-surgical, “functional” options before (and after) turning to “surgical” options. Voice […]

A trans pinay’s guide to processing your Schengen visa

I think it’s every girl’s dream to see Europe even just for once in her lifetime. Many transgender Filipino women nowadays involve themselves into travelling which opens a lot of new perspectives, widens their horizon and simply gives them the feeling that they can conquer the world, the universe rather. Seeing Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and […]

“Shaming” ladyboys or their partner

This is going to be brutal and to the point and I want every ladyboy and man reading this to think about themselves and the people they want to be with. We all hide our inner demons but some of us deny our true selves far more than others.

1 amazing fact about Ladyboys in Thailand

This is a pure myth,  so some of the ladyboys do not believe it, but most of them do. Knowing that Thailand is a Buddhist country with 80 percent of the population practising Buddhism. Their belief somehow contributed to some of the ladyboys explanation why they existed. And this is one of the most amazing […]

“Transgender” doesn’t exist in Spanish, so we’ll make it up

Now that’s a point of grammar that will either get trans organisations to issue a fatwa (against me, as usual) or maybe make them agree with me (for once). I’m personally fond of studying languages and how they evolve through time (latin languages being my favourites). I believe languages are not set in stone and […]

Facebook offers new gender options for transgender users

Facebook, the number one social networking site shows how diverse they are by being gender sensitive.  They have updated the limited options of gender from male and female previously to a custom gender according to individuals identity.  They are now giving the users to present them selves as who they are. Facebook Gender Facebook gives […]