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Category: Ladyboys

Top 11 Most Hurtful Ladyboy Stereotypes

A lot of men who are novices to ladyboy dating have come across certain stereotypes. This is why a lot of them are a bit apprehensive when trying to enter a serious relationship with ladyboys. These stereotypes elicit fear, which in turn, makes men hesitant in committing. If you are one of them, keep reading.

Do Ladyboys Date Transmen

Many people think that the perfect union for trans people is two trans individuals with opposite genders. This means that they think the ideal match for a transgender woman is a transgender man. However, this happens very rarely. Most ladyboys still date cisgender men, as most trans men still choose to date cisgender women.

Why Filipina Ladyboys Make The Perfect Wives

Are you at the stage of your life where settling down seems like a good option? Is a ladyboy the only possible partner for you? If so, you must discover why Filipinas are often dubbed to make good wives. Moreover, what makes this even more special is because it focuses on ladyboy wives. Please know […]

Why are Thai Ladyboys so Beautiful?

When it comes to the talks of beautiful ladyboys, it’s impossible to forget the country Thailand. The reason being is because Thai ladyboys are the trailblazers in introducing the beauty of ladyboys to the world. Many documentaries have been made about them in the early stages of the radicalization of ladyboys in the media. It’s […]