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Blogger and author for My Ladyboy Date. Apart from that I'm a graduated MBA student who love to write about relationship and the people who live surround me. I will write everything from sex, happy relationship, fairy tales marriage, or even how to deal with your own YOU! I will try my very best to share you everything that is INSIDE MY MIND because ,MY VERY FIRST REASON i come up with this idea bcoz i want to share the pain and the love that i had observed for a million years in my life. I have my own different point of view. I might be wrong and you can assist me.That is what KNOWLEDGE is about. People always say that drama is something that created by me!But u know what!YOU ARE WRONG! actually to be more details and more specific! I AM THE DRAMA! my drama is not lame and fake! my drama is REALITY!

Successful transgenders in Malaysia

Posted on September 27, 2013
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Transgender women in Malyasia are obviously facing the same problem and obstacles like other transgenders,globally. All the transsexuals throughout the world have to face through discrimination, being the victim of cheap jokes and the most critical situation ; being a victim in a relationship.Why we stay focus on the Sleepy Hollow YET we can shine our life in Sunny Valley? To all the Transgender Women all over the world, stop making excuses to YOURSELF and say that you cannot do anything just because you are the victim of discrimination. Avoid that mindset ladies.

3 major questions that offend transsexuals

Posted on August 26, 2013
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Transgenders are the most sensitive persons that you will ever meet. If you are not familiar with them or it’s your first encounter with a transwoman, then you better watch your actions carefully. “Think before you speak” I know you are curious like everybody else but you need to understand that transgenders are human beings, we have emotions and we get offended. Not to mention even the word ladyboy is very offensive mostly for American transgenders.

Which I totally understand  since media is giving an offensive view towards such word associating it into decent photos and videos.  And there is an ongoing series about ladyboys in UK, which somehow shows a different side of ladyboys but there are still transgender advocates from Europe who are intolerant in using the word ladyboy.

Relationship with a ladyboy, or just an affair?

Posted on August 19, 2013
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When a married man has an affair with transgender woman, I will say this out loud, he may not be serious of making it as a permanent relationship, but if deep inside your mind you said that you are 100% confirm that he will take the relationship to the next level, you better pull the trigger near to your brain. Married man would never consider this. But getting married with a ladyboy is actually not impossible. 

Insecurities in your relationship

Posted on July 30, 2013
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Being a transgender woman, having doubts and insecurities in a relationship is a normal thing. Based on my million years of observation, this usually happened when you date with straight man.

The insecurities keep on playing inside your wild imagination because you not only “competing” with other transgender women, but also you’re “competing” with biological woman. Usually insecurity comes calling to most of us in combo Happy meal during our early relationships stage, but when it moves in permanently inside both of you it makes the relationship difficult to sustain. It even makes it more complicated when you are on Hormone Replacement Therapy. Your unbalance hormone tends to make your insecurities become wilder.

I am a ladyboy, I have a boyfriend, now what?

Posted on July 12, 2013
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Being a ladyboy girlfriend is not easy especially when you are under Hormone Replacement Therapy. If not all, then maybe most transgender women utter these words “I have nice hair, pretty face, cute LV bags, and super gorgeous high heels and I also need a man to be with me!” So there goes searching for THE ONE. You busy preparing yourself for searching THE ONE. Tactics are all applied BUT! You never prepare yourself with what should you do next when you are at the stage of; here is the twist. The RELATIONSHIP STAGE!

What to Do

What should you do next? You are too much focused in get his attention but when he got his eyes laid on you, there goes the parasite syndrome! From my observation, I found that the biggest mistake that we transgender woman did is we forget to give our THE ONE a space to breath! If possible we want to be with him all the time. Sometimes ladies, absence makes the heart grow stronger. It is very epic true. If your in relationship is very new, wait until you have been on it for a while.