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Signs that you’re just a Ladyboy Toy for him

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

As a ladyboy, you’re probably not on a dating site to look for a playdate. You’ve probably signed up because you’re looking for the man of your dreams. But the harsh reality won’t always give you your heart’s desire, not at the wrong time and with the wrong strategy.

It sucks when you’re genuine but you keep stumbling upon asshats.

So if you’re feeling despair and you don’t know why you haven’t found him yet, don’t worry. Maybe you just don’t have the fundamentals on how to determine red flags of ladyboy dating yet.

But today, your destiny will change. Keep reading and remember to apply everything you’ve learned here to avoid your next mistake!

1. He pops in and out without consistency

One of the major signs that a guy isn’t serious about finding a relationship is if he takes you for granted. Specifically, when it comes to communicating with you. If a man often disappears and reconnects with you days later as nothing happened, it may mean that he finds you insignificant.

He pops in and out without consistency

He probably doesn’t value your presence and thinks that you’ll come back running to him as soon as he pings you with an unsalted “hello”. If he’s like this, tell him politely that you’re looking for something serious and that you want to cut ties because you don’t like reading mixed signals.

He’ll either take you seriously from that point or he’ll prove you right and disappear from your life.

2. Sexual topics are prevalent in conversations

Somebody serious in finding a mate knows that he must provide respect in fears that he might be rejected. If he doesn’t have this feeling and he feels like he can just say absolutely anything to you, you’re just a ladyboy toy for him.

He doesn’t care if you get offended and he couldn’t care less about the other things that you can offer apart from what’s inside your knickers. He’s not into you in a romantic way and you’re just a fragment of what keeps his manhood alive.

Just ignore him, you don’t have to dignify this kind of disrespect. If he does like you, he will beg for your forgiveness.

3. He sends you a lot of unsolicited nudes

Every ladyboy on a dating site has already probably received an unsolicited d*ck pic. While this may seem harmless, this should not be coming from someone you’re considering to be in a relationship with.

unsolicited nude

Just imagine how many ladyboys he’s doing this act to and how much more he’ll be doing this with. Even if you get into a relationship with him, this guy probably lacks self-respect and control. Why would you risk wasting your time with someone like this?

If he wants a ladyboy toy, that’s his business. But it shouldn’t be you.

4. No questions about your personal life

A man who’s genuinely into you will ask things about your life. Some of these may have to do with your daily routine, your work, and how you’re feeling overall. He may also ask for information about your family and friends because he’s discovering the kind of person you are.

You see, a serious person will not invest their time and emotions unless they’re serious about the other. This is the norm. So if you see the opposite from the guy you’re getting to know, he’s probably just into you in a physical way.

5. He love-bombs you so fast

Oh no! Be very careful of this one. If he professes his undying love to you right off the bat, know that this guy is probably a master manipulator who’s preying on your desperation.


No serious person would unravel themselves very fast like this. No matter how beautiful or special you think you are, you’re not an exception. Maybe in the past whereby people were less cynical, this may sound true. But are you willing to take the 0.00000001 percent chance that he’s not doing the same for every ladyboy he lusts over?

The ”I love you”, “You’re the one”, and “I’ve never met a girl like you before” statements are all very nice but only if they’re meaningful and not just spouted carelessly. Don’t ever step on this trap no matter how lonely you are!

6. Pipe-dream promises

The type of guy who does this is a very close relative of the love bomber. But what makes him scarier is that he’s perfect in painting a picture of a future with you. And know that this picture is just that… no reality.

He’ll probably tell you that’s he’s planning to meet you very soon or take you to a nice getaway. He’ll also say things like he’s going to propose to you because he thinks he has found his soulmate. He’ll even ask you your ring size to amplify your desperation.

If there are other things that you’re manifesting right now, know that he will verbally express these but he’ll probably not follow them up with action. Not to say that you’re not going to get your heart’s desires. But someone serious about his plans would probably just do it instead of providing you with a blueprint of all your dreams in one audible go.

7. Fine with hooking up but never talks about labels

Are you one of those ladyboys who want to play everything cool and you’re proud to be a girl’s girl? You know, the kind who’s not into drama and will play along with however a guy treats you because you’re not like any other girl.

Do you have cam sex or do you hook up with him regularly in hopes that your magnetic sexual power will convert this man into someone who’s going to be your soulmate?

hooking up

Lastly, did he expressly say that he likes you but he’s not into labels? Oh no! You’re probably just a f*ck buddy to him. One of the many open secrets about men in their dating life is they like to categorize the people they hook up or date.

  1. The ladyboy of their dreams.
  2. The f*ck buddy.
  3. The miss right now.

If a man is into you, he will not have any problems with labels. Not unless he has commitment issues but why would you date someone like this? So wake up sex goddess, he’s just not that into you.

8. Calls you names if you open up about wanting commitment

Finally, one of the obvious signs that you’re just a ladyboy toy for him is when he calls you names because you like talking about your feelings. He’ll either call you jealous, a nagger, controlling, dramatic, and crazy. But the thing is, you let that pass because your self-worth has not ascended yet.

No serious man will invalidate your feelings and think of them as too trivial to discuss. This person clearly doesn’t respect you and he’s just playing you like a fiddle.

Stop playing this role and find a new man. There are thousands of serious and single hopefuls in My Ladyboy Date. If you haven’t created an account yet, today’s the perfect time!

Good luck!

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