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Top 11 Most Hurtful Ladyboy Stereotypes

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

A lot of men who are novices to ladyboy dating have come across certain stereotypes. This is why a lot of them are a bit apprehensive when trying to enter a serious relationship with ladyboys.

These stereotypes elicit fear, which in turn, makes men hesitant in committing. If you are one of them, keep reading.

Gold Diggers

For some reason, misogyny still finds its way in 2021. This label is still widely used to describe more women than men. Ladyboys are not safe from this term as well. But you must understand that gold diggers don’t have genders.

Gold digger

Added to that, yes, in many countries in Southeast Asia, ladyboys have it harder financially. But this does not entail that they’re all into hypergamy or marrying up. Many of them work hard. Not because someone is poor and looking for a western partner means they’re in it for the money.


A lot of guys on ladyboy dating sites are quite aggressive. Because of the porn industry, many ladyboys are expected to be wild. Yes, porn should not be the basis of how a group of people is perceived. But such can’t be helped if there’s a lack of representation in other media outlets.


Even documentaries are rampant in showing the lives of ladyboy prostitutes. Please know that there’s nothing wrong with that. The reason why this is quite hurtful is that most people have a notion that sex workers are immoral, and it translates to them thinking ladyboys are immoral as well.


Many people from Asia think that ladyboys are uneducated. This is because the workforce is generally unaccepting of ladyboys. Because of this, they’re not visible. Where they are most visible are in the industries of beauty, sex, and services.


But you have to understand that not because you don’t get to see them in the same building you’re working in means that they’re uneducated. Many of them hold degrees and certificates. You must widen your horizons and you’ll see that plenty of them are professionals in their fields.

Only Attract Gay Men

This stereotype is a double-edged sword. Not only is this hurtful to ladyboys, but also to the men who admire them. Nothing is wrong with being gay. But because of this notion, it encourages the thought of dictating ladyboys’ and mens’ gender identity and sexual orientation.

Nobody should be in charge of another individual’s SOGIE (sexual orientation and gender identity expression).

“Still” Men

In connection with the former section, many people still think of ladyboys as men. This is one of the most hurtful comments that anyone can make towards a ladyboy. This should never come out of your mouth if you’re planning to date one.

A lot of them go through hoops and hurdles just to look how they are today. Many of them take medication regularly and some even have gone under the knife.


Not all ladyboys are loud. Many of them have impressive social graces and can contain themselves in different settings and circumstances. The reason why they’re often perceived as loud is again, because of the lack of media representation.


Many ladyboys are portrayed to be loud, promiscuous, and annoying. This is not the case and if you’ll only get to know ladyboys in your life, you’ll find that they are so far from how they’re shown in comedy films.


Another trope that makes a film spicy is the “aggressive prostitute” trope. But other directors capitalize more on that and make it an “aggressive ladyboy prostitute”.


Many ladyboys do not exist to start a fight. In real life, it’s the non-trans-oriented people who discriminate and attack them. Many ladyboys have lost their lives due to hate crimes and not a lof ladyboys have committed gruesome crimes.

Furthermore, in a sexual sense, not all of them are liberated. Don’t think that just because your shirt is about to burst because of your uncontrollably popping muscles means that they’re going to make the first move. Many of them are quite attractive and can easily get laid.


This is not only hurtful but also defamatory. Many people think that ladyboys only express their gender because they want to “trap” men. Bigots think that they’re undercover in order for men to have sex with them.


In 2021, a lot of men are into ladyboys. They don’t have to be lured just to go with ladyboys. And if you’re still not aware, many of these men want what most ladyboys have and it’s the penis. They’re not cosplaying just to suck dicks.

Can’t Speak Proper English

Many ladyboys in the adult industry are Thai. In Thailand, speaking English is not a necessity to survive. However, a lot of people still make fun of the way they talk because their accent is foreign. With this, many think that ladyboys will go through a language barrier.


In connection with immorality, many people think that ladyboys can only do one thing, and that’s escorting.

Again, there’s nothing wrong with being in the sex industry. It starts to become hurtful if you assume that a group of people can only do one thing.

Spawn Of The Devil

Lastly, the favorite stereotype of ultra-religious people about ladyboys. Yes, they think that ladyboys are the devil’s children and that what they’re doing is sinful. Little do they know, many ladyboys, especially in the Philippines, are quite religious themselves.

We are all considered sinners and it’s funny how they think that they’re the only ones who can worship and pray. Ladyboys are not sexy little devils, they’re people who are entitled to live their lives as they please.

Spawn Of The Devil

Now that you know the most hurtful stereotypes that people have with ladyboys, it’s time to take action. You must not use these against them if you’re looking to date them. If you want to encounter fewer stereotypes, you must sign up on a website like My Ladyboy Date.

It’s the first decent dating website created for ladyboys and the men who love them. You’ll surely find a match here! Start your search today and see what’s in store for you.

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