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Do Filipino Men Date Ladyboys Openly

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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While interracial unions are prominent when it comes to ladyboy dating, other ladyboys still prefer to be with their kind. In this guide, you’ll know more about how open southeast Asian men are with ladyboys, in particular, Filipinos. If you’re looking for a Filipino boyfriend in My Ladyboy Date, keep reading.

Filipina Ladyboys as Girlfriends

Before getting to know the men, it’s time to give love to the ladyboys first. Knowing this will give you an idea of what Filipino men are into when it comes to ladyboys.

Ladyboy Girlfriend


Being caring for a Filipina ladyboy is of normalcy. In some cases, they can be abnormally caring to the point of putting others first before themselves. Because they’ve set the bar so high, Filipino men are looking for no less than caring partners.


The Philippines is a melting pot of cultures and races. This is why Filipino men have a beautifully diverse selection of physical attributes. Added to that, most transpinays are extra feminine and love taking care of themselves.


In connection with caring, they’re also quite selfless. This is why if you’re planning to be with a Filipina ladyboy, you must learn loving with intensity. One must match what they’re willing to give in order to live in harmony.


Filipinos are excellent conversationalists. This is why communication is very important if you’re dating a Filipina ladyboy.


Transpinays are very generous. Sometimes, too generous for their good. A lot of them are exploited because of such a characteristic. However, don’t confuse them with being gullible or stupid. They also know when to draw the line.

Why Some Filipino Men Don’t Date Them Openly

It’s crazy to think that amidst all of the positive traits they exhibit, some men still don’t find them eligible. To give you more clarity as to why they don’t, keep reading.

Filipino Men

Macho Culture

Patriarchy and macho culture are still prevalent in the Philippines. People think that you’re part of the cool kids if you live your life by masculine beliefs. These beliefs include that being gay or dating someone from the LGBTQIA+ spectrum is disgusting.

Added to that, Filipino men who choose to openly date ladyboys get a lot of flak. They’re called names and labeled incorrectly just because of their preference.


Many Filpino men are so concerned with their image and ego. They want to be seen as strong, straight, and cool. They repel anything that would make them look gay. Again, the macho culture has a lot to do with this one.

Familial Objection

The problem doesn’t only stem within the men. Because Filipinos are very family-oriented, a lot of people get involved right down to their selection of a partner. Because the Filipino society still sees ladyboys as taboo, they strongly disagree with their male kin to date them.


Of course, we cannot discount the fact that religion encompasses everything that has to do with the unacceptance of ladyboys. The majority of Filipinos are devout Catholics and a lot of them unsubscribes to the notion that transgender women are women.


A lot of Filipino men also don’t date ladyboys openly because they’re still not sure if they’re truly attracted to transwomen. Just like any other guy, they’re still in the “trial phase”. It’s wrong but it happens.

Internalized Transphobia

Some people are still confused about what they want in life. This is similar to really wanting something but not wanting to let others know that you want it. This can be caused not only by ego but internalized transphobia as well.

Many murders against transwomen are done after having sex which exhibits clear signs of internalized transphobia.

Why Some Filipino Men Date Them Openly

Now that you know why some of them want to keep you as their dirty little secret, it’s time for a silver lining. Yes, there are Filipino men who openly and proudly date ladyboys! Here are some reasons why.

Filipino Men Date

Genuine Macho Type

A true macho man is brave. He is the opposite of the fave macho men who are too afraid to express how they feel. This macho man couldn’t care less about what others may think about them. They’re secure and confident enough with who they are.

To real macho men, what matters most is the people they love. He will do everything and anything just to protect them. If a man dates you but flees when he’s “outed”, he’s a chicken.


To further expound on confidence, these men are self-assured. To them, the opinions of others are nothing but noise. They don’t let others affect how they live their lives. After all, we only have one life to live. Why let other people take the wheel for us?

These guys are following their hearts and passions. They focus more on the quality of people they’re with instead of quantity. Because their mindset is at the right place, they get to live their dream lives and not others’ dreams for them.


Some guys date ladyboys because they’re already certain that they do want ladyboys. They’ve escaped the trial phase and are ready to take the next step. They have learned to come to terms with that there’s no difference between dating ladyboys and women. They already know that trans women are women.


Lastly, the reason why some Filipino men openly date ladyboys is because of love. Yes, when it comes to love, nothing is too scary or uncool. Love is not something that’s easily swayed by trends or status quos.

If a person is in love, they will not do anything to make their partners feel unwanted. They will do everything in their power to make their soulmates happy. Suffice to say, if a Filipino man truly loves you, he will date you openly even if costs his macho image.

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