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Coping with Pandemic-induced LDR in Ladyboy Dating

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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The dating climate amidst the pandemic is truly volatile. There’s no assurance on when we could get back to normal. Yes, some countries are easing in and trying to get back to normal. But what if you’re in a common situation of ladyboy dating. Meaning… the ladyboy is in Southeast Asia and the man is from the west.

Many are finding it hard to cope with a situation. Most especially if the couple is on the verge of meeting up. This is why this guide was created for you to have a blueprint on how you could keep the fire going.

Pandemic Overview

If you’re reading this in the future or for some reason, you’ve missed the note on how it’s like to live in a restricted world of COVID-19, here’s the overview. Currently, many countries don’t allow tourist travelers.

Pandemic Overview

As of July 21, 2021, the Philippines only allows OFWs and spouses of Filipino citizens to come back. Thailand only allows tourists who are fully vaccinated and only Phuket is the place that’s open for international travelers. Although the US has less strict policies, it’s very hard for Filipinos and Thais to enter their country, to begin with.

This is only an overview, no matter how much money or connection one has, meeting up for the sake of dating is close to impossible.

LDR With Someone You Have Not Met Yet

Now, if you’re in this situation, it will really test your faith and patience. Because you have not met the other person yet, are you really willing to wait? It can take years before the touch aspect enters your relationship. And you still don’t know if you have chemistry with them.

LDR With Someone You Have Not Met Yet

Many online couples have broken up and decided to just be in a relationship with someone closer because of this challenge. But don’t worry, below are some ways to make this love happen.

Constant Communication

Needless to say, consistency is very important when it comes to a long-distance relationship. Because the only way to connect the two of you is through calls, e-mails, instant messaging, or texts, you have to reinforce its importance. In most cases, this communication must be scheduled.

Because the distance has stolen the power of a single kiss or a warm hug, working harder in maintaining verbal communication is VITAL.

Broaden Topic Niches

Mundane conversations get stale fast. You must always make the other person excited to communicate with you. There’s a reason why you and your friends maintain a long relationship. It’s because you share a lot in common with them.

Why not bring this scenario into the relationship? If you broaden the topics, you will never get bored of each other because you’re constantly learning from what one has to share.

Subdue The Excitement

What this means is to not talk about being intimate too much. Why would you want to hurt each other by consistently talking about something that both of you can’t have in the near future?

Slow and Steady

Lastly, if the two of you haven’t met yet, it’s better to take things slow. Doing so will not make you feel pressured to meet amidst impossible circumstances. You’ll both have a realistic approach to how you’re going to move forward.

LDR With Someone You Have Met

Now that somehow, you’ve come to know the chemistry and meeting up just fortified the need to continue with the relationship, coping with a pandemic-induced LDR will be lighter. Not to say that there will be no more challenges, but tides aren’t as high with this one.

LDR With Someone You Have Met

Avoid Reimagining Anything Dealing With Touch

Stop thinking about how warm your partner’s breath is when they kiss you. Don’t remember the scent they wear. Temporarily forget how it feels like to be in their arms. These memories will make it harder for you to keep still and be patient with an LDR setup.

Dive Deeper Mentally

Instead of thinking about the sex haze or the amazing emotions of being together, know your partner better mentally. This will help build a strong foundation and give you a better understanding of how it’s like to share a life with them.

Meeting up from time to time doesn’t equate to living together for a long time. Know what ticks them or what makes them happy.

Ask them what their favorite food is. Know whether they prefer eating out or cooking at home. Do they have pets? How important is cleanliness to them? Having this simple knowledge about them will make you a better partner in the future.

Helpful Distractions

Get a new hobby or better yet, share one with your partner. Do you both like gaming? Are you two into creating business projects? Perhaps you two could start a blog or a vlog about sharing a life together. There are many ways to keep yourselves busy but always remember to be busy together.

Anything that you both can collaborate on is a good thing.

Incorporate Sharing Daily Activities

Being in a relationship requires transparency and the willingness to share. If you tell your partner about what’s going on in your daily life, they’re going to feel very special. Even if your day only revolved around resisting to buy an overpriced avocado, such information will be valuable to your partner.

Because you’re comfortable enough to share your innermost vulnerabilities, they will feel the need to be more involved in your life. But avoid sharing too much negative information. This may be offputting to them.

2-Way Communication (Rant and Listen)

Lastly, when it comes to sharing daily activities or just about whatever the topic is, you must understand the importance of 2-way communication. It’s not only you who has something to know or share. Give way and allow them to open up about what they want to talk about.

Don’t think that only the topics you want to talk about are what will make your conversations more exciting. Have a habit of not distracting them or compelling them to make the conversation all about you.

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Who knows? This guide may apply to you very soon!

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