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How To Make Men Like Me

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Men who are on ladyboy dating sites have a specific type. However, this does not mean that you don’t stand a chance if you don’t fit the bill. This guide was only created to inform you of what these men like. Take everything with a grain of salt.

What Most Men Want in Ladyboys

Yes, everyone’s desirable in their own right. But you have to understand what ladyboy lovers want in general. By doing so, you can make certain tweaks to make you more desirable to the one you’re eyeing. Attraction is very important, it will get you to the doorstep.

a ladyoy

Long Black Hair

A lot of men in general like long hair. But in the case of ladyboy dating, they prefer black. Something about long black hair makes these men go gaga. Because a lot of them are from the west, they’re craving for something different. Call it yellow fever if you may but it is what it is.

The texture is also important. They like it silky and straight. Such hair gives the image of being ultra-feminine. Capitalize on your femininity because it’s what most men like.

Oriental Looks

Ladyboys come in different faces, colors, shapes, and sizes. However, if you have ladyboy friends, you’ll notice that the ones with oriental looks often don’t have problems in being desirable to men.

A lot of men are into natural beauty and if you wear your oriental heritage proudly, you’ll get more looks from them.

Fit Physique

No matter the race and upbringing, a lot of men are attracted to fit women. Some scientific explanations say that men are naturally drawn to women who are not overweight because they are more fit to carry children.

The other explanation is because non-overweight people are often portrayed to be more attractive than others in the media, the trend eventually translated to reality. While others are simply attracted to fit ladyboys because they want someone who likes to do outdoor and sports activities with them.

Tanned Skin

It goes without saying that in the west, men revere women who have tan skin. The same colorism happens in the east whereby they prefer light-skinned women. Unfortunately, it can’t be helped but this is what the common demands are.

Passable and Feminine

A lot of ladyboy lovers want someone who’s passable and feminine. Because most of them are discreet, they’re afraid to be with someone who can be clocked easily.


Most men in ladyboy dating sites are into functional ladyboys. You don’t have to necessarily be versatile or a top but both are welcome bonuses. If you had a gender reassignment surgery (SRS) done or an orchiectomy, you may find a harder time finding a match on a ladyboy dating site.

Big Breasts

Generally, men find women with big breasts more attractive. Science also explains why. According to research, men find women with bigger boobs and hips more attractive because of subconscious fertility thoughts. What big entails in this section is something along the lines of C to D cups.

Why you SHOULD NOT Care

Now that you’ve read what most of them like, it’s time to know why you should not care. You see, changing for the better is okay but completely changing who you are just to please most men is plain dumb.

#girlboss pullover

You should not find the need to impress the general market because you ideally only want to end up with one man. This man, who happens to be your soulmate, will NOT CARE so why should you?

You don’t need to please anyone

Because you simply can’t and won’t. If you change yourself, you’ll be attractive to a group of people and be less attractive to another group and vice versa. It will just be an endless loop of changing and being dictated on how to live your life.

The only change that you should partake in is improving your character. If you have negative traits, work on those. Insecurity is highly-likely on the list because you clicked on this article.

Your backbone is the sexiest thing

A woman who has boundaries and knows what she wants in life is the most attractive woman. This will make men work harder in getting you and they will consider you as a prize. Be very clear with what you want for your life and own up to everything with confidence.

High-quality men don’t focus on Physical Attributes

Guys who are only into looks are the ones who will perpetually womanize. Why would you want to end up with a guy like this when you know that every ticking of the clock will lead to him, eventually abandoning you for a younger ladyboy in the future?

Don’t settle for anything less. Go for men who get into relationships to build lasting ones not out on a whim.

You’re beautiful no matter what

Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, why not go for what you have? Some people for sure find you attractive and have complimented you because of your looks. Furthermore, just being a beautiful soul alone can take down any instamodel at any time of day.

Moreover, if you do decide to make little tweaks, you must remember to only do these because of yourself. If you think you’ll be happier after getting some bodily modifications done, go for it. Your happiness will eventually translate to confidence and what will make you truly undesirable to men.

Confidence is sexy, work on this

The sexiest thing about a ladyboy is not her cup size nor her tiny waist. Her sexiest attribute is CONFIDENCE. A ladyboy may look like a living Barbie doll or a Supermodel but if she hasn’t read the manual and doesn’t know how to use her tools properly, she’ll be less attractive to men.

Finally, if you keep dating losers, maybe you have not created a My Ladyboy Date (MLD) account yet. It’s the first decent dating site for ladyboy lovers and ladyboys. Most of the guy members are looking for their soulmates. Who knows, maybe you’re the one!

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One thought on “How To Make Men Like Me

  1. I don’t know if that #girlboss picture is meant to be a joke or sincere but men do not want to come home to a bossy girl crossing her arms with an attitude, or waving her finger in the air, complaining that he didn’t take her out shopping last night or that he’s not giving her enough attention. Guys want a girl that is submissive, agreeable, cooperative and will follow his lead, knows when to stop talking if she’s nagging him or being annoying, can cook and can give him passionate monkey-double-back-flip sex.

    Men don’t care about your college degree or how much you make at your job or what your living situation is. That’s stuff women look for in men. If you’re attractive and have the qualities mentioned above, that’s what guys want.

    No man masturbates at night thinking about a girl’s net worth or her recent promotion at her job. And no girl is jealous or envious of another girl because of those things, either. Keep yourselves in shape and beautiful and have a fun interesting personality, because that’s rare to find in cis/transwomen nowadays. Cheers from America.

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