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Ways to Determine if Someone is Serious

In the world of ladyboy dating, time-wasting Machiavellians will always exist. This is why you must have certain guidelines to not become prey. If you are serious about finding your soulmate, keep reading.

Common Problems in Ladyboy Dating Sites

Problems are curtailing enough, but when used by predators to win, can be more problematic. To further clarify this guide, you must determine the common ones that online daters go through.

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Loving from a distance is very hard. But using someone from a distance is ultra-easy. Because the perimeter’s unreachable, the predators are more confident. They’ll get what they want from you and leave you hoping for something non-existent.

They may use you for money, cam pleasure, or someone to pass time with. But in reality, they don’t see you as a human being. To them, you’re just another entity in the cyber world.


Not everyone who created a dating profile is serious about finding a partner. Just like what’s mentioned above, many of them have other intentions. Yes, online dating is effective but does not guarantee a happy ending. Before creating a profile, you must be aware of this.

Always set your hopes high but your expectations low. Maintain feasibility in your hopes.


Another major problem in the online dating world is saturation. This turns to noise and can get confusing. Because many people are looking for love, mixed with people looking for something else, the playing field becomes a place whereby losing becomes the norm.

Added to that, there are websites and apps encouraging further confusion. Not many dating websites are strict with their guidelines and mission. Instead of looking for love, you’ll probably end up in a hook-up or escort site.


Many people lose the chance in finding love because of the wrong first impression. A lot of introverts are not comfortable sharing their photos which give them lesser chances of finding a mate. But it does not necessarily make them undateable. Just by that one mistake, they’re failing to widen their net.

Added to that, some guys are so passionate that they give themself away too fast. This can be in the form of overcomplimenting someone or showing too much of themselves on the get-go.

Past Experiences

Mandy daters are not over their exes yet but choose to create a dating profile. While they might be serious about finding love, they’re still fixated that love only exists with their past loves.

Moreover, some are just traumatized to give themselves away because of their bad past experiences. While this can’t be helped, it can affect them from moving forward and being serious with new people.

Your GENUINE-O-METER Checklist

Now that you know the common problems of dating websites that constitute why many are not serious, it’s time to use a checklist. By doing so, you’ll have a better understanding and idea if you’re talking to someone serious.



If the person you’re talking to is serious about finding love, their language can be a dead giveaway. Observe the words they use and how they use them. If they are too aggressive and oppressive, they have nothing to lose. This means that they couldn’t care less whether you reject them or not.

Now, if you’re talking to someone who thinks before they speak, you’re probably dealing with a serious one. If their words are brimming with respect, boundaries, and integrity, they have good potential. However, if they talk about sex and love bombs you on the first week, be wary.


Actions will always speak louder than words. A person who’s genuinely interested in you will maintain communication. You won’t find yourself to be always the one initiating the conversations and flirtation. It’s a two-way street that you have to be trailing.

If you notice that they disappear often and barely make an effort to have you in their lives, you are probably at the bottom of the barrel in their checklist. You don’t want to be treated this way don’t you, now? And what happens if they move to the next level with the person on their top list?


In connection with consistency, a consistent person will be respectful of your time. If they only contact you at their convenience, avoid them. A relationship without respect is like an engine with no fuel. Stop settling for less because you deserve more.

Added to that, they will not keep pushing on topics that you don’t want to talk about. And if you politely ask them not to do something and they keep at it, they don’t respect you.


A serious person is dedicated. They will do everything in their power to make a relationship happen. If they’re not as dedicated as you are in meeting up, they’re probably not serious.

Many people will make excuses as to why they can’t meet you. Some of these are understandable but most will be plain ridiculous. It will be up to you whether you’ll be fooling yourself or admit that this person is not genuine enough.


Serious people on ladyboy dating sites set boundaries. They’re not going to sell themselves short. If you find someone agreeable to anything, you’re probably just speaking with a troll or a very desperate person.

If they set things straight with you once you cross the line, they’re serious. They have something to lose and they don’t want to do things that may be compromising losing themselves or you.


Lastly, even if they check all the boxes in your checklist, but don’t act on it, you’re just wasting your time. The end goal of dating sites is for two people to meet and to hopefully start a relationship from there. If the person you’re talking to doesn’t speak about meeting plans, you’re doomed.

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