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Why A Lot of Ladyboys Prefer Western Men

Have you been wondering why most ladyboys end up marrying western men? Today, you’re going to know why and more. If you’re from other regions and you’re really into ladyboys, please keep reading.

Western Men

All human beings are equally beautiful and capable. However, certain nuances can’t be denied. These happen to be more attractive to ladyboys for valid reasons.

a Western Men

Just a little reminder, this article was not created to pit western men against other guys. This was created to answer the common questions that people have in terms of ladyboy dating.


Western men are assertive. They also tend to care less of what other people think. Not because they’re selfish, but because many of them have been living independently once they turn 18.

Leaving the nest allows a person to truly assess their own happiness. Because a lot of them don’t depend on anyone, they find the strength to follow their hearts. Apart from that, they’re vocal with how they feel. This is what makes them more attractive to ladyboys.

Physical Appearance

Western people are particularly bigger in body frames than others. This makes them look more masculine. Many ladyboys, especially in Asia, prefer someone bigger than they are. This also helps them pass more and makes them feel more feminine.

Added to that, a lot of western men are very good-looking. It’s not hard to understand why many ladyboys find them irresistible.


Because a lot of men are assertive and it’s of normalcy for them to support ladyboys in all aspects of life, the latter feels more secure. In Southeast Asia, a lot of people still think that men who are into ladyboys are just after their money. This is why a lot of men from the region live up to that expectation.

Most western men have no issues with taking care of their women in terms of their finances. It’s not something uncommon or off-putting. Furthermore, many ladyboys prefer such a setup because not a lot of them are gifted with opportunities. Discrimination against ladyboys in Asia is still prominent.


Along with their assertiveness in expressing their feelings is their actions. Many of them tend to keep their words. Nothing’s sexier than a man with word of honor. It’s not hard to see why ladyboys are into western men.

Added to that, most western men are very open-minded in terms of making love. Ladyboys enjoy more because they are free to learn more about their body. They feel more accepted because these men know exactly how to make them feel comfortable with what they have and don’t have.


A lot of countries in the west allow same-sex marriage. Most people who are entering relationships are looking for an endgame. The most secure and seemingly happiest ending for a relationship is marriage. Without it, a relationship can’t be as appealing.

Many ladyboys dream of being a bride in white and starting a family. This can’t be offered by a lot of men from the east. If a ladyboy is looking for marriage, she will highly-likely only entertain men from the west.

What Ladyboys Want

Now that you know why western men are scoring high points in ladyboy dating, it’s time to know exactly what ladyboys want from a man. No matter where you’re from, it’s important to read the list below. This will help you land a ladyboy girlfriend even if you’re not a western man.

a guy with a computer


A man who can’t be easily swayed is a sexy man. If you have integrity, a ladyboy will find you hot. Let her know that you know what you want and that you won’t settle for anything less. Share your opinions and views with her both respectfully and unapologetically.

Not Wasting Time

Ladyboys, well people in general, hate reading people puzzles. If you are not clear with your feelings about her, she will not entertain you. Don’t say that you only want friends if you’re constantly flirting with her. She’s not going to want to play that game with you.

Added to that, if you’re really not planning on a serious relationship, don’t pretend in doing so. There are many ladyboys who are into a no-strings-attached type of setup. Don’t fool the ones that aren’t.


Just like most cisgender women, many ladyboys are into monogamy as well. If you are a loyal person, your chances of ending happily ever after with a ladyboy will increase.

Typing ladyboy on the search engines will result in numerous porn results. This is why a lot of men have this notion that all ladyboys are only into sex. A category of people has become sex symbols without their consent. You must understand that in reality, the majority of ladyboys are just like any cisgender woman who’s looking for a loyal soulmate.


A lot of men get confused dating ladyboys who are transitioning medically. Many ladyboys undergo hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to match their feelings with how they look. In this journey comes repercussions and one of them is mood swings.

If you are not patient, dating a transitioning ladyboy is not for you. Assess if you’re man enough for such a challenge. Once you become one, it’s time to try again.

Keeping Promises

Nothing is more disappointing than unfulfilled promises. It gets more disappointing most especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship. If you’re a man with a word of honor, a ladyboy girlfriend won’t be out of reach for you.

If you simply can’t do something that she wants, don’t say yes. Go back to integrity and tell her as to why you can’t fulfill such.

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