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Why Ladyboys Have It Harder In Finding A Serious Relationship ?

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Looking for the perfect match is hard enough. However, a lot of ladyboys find it harder. When cisgender people engage in relationships, misfortunes still arise. However, the playing field is way different between cisgender women and ladyboys.

If you are curious to know why ladyboys find it harder or if you’re a ladyboy yourself, please keep reading.


One of the main reasons why the playing field isn’t equal is because of society. Most people impose to the general public that being in a relationship is out of normalcy. Some societies may even think that relationships with ladyboys are trivial and purely superficial.

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Others are simply…

Men Are Attacked For Liking Ladyboys

People still find a way to harass men who prefer ladyboys over cisgender women. They are labeled and called names that are out of their reality. There is nothing wrong with being gay but straight men should not be labeled incorrectly because they prefer ladyboys.

Furthermore, some men are accused of wanting ladyboys just because of ulterior motives. In Southeast Asia, a lot of people think that if a man is in a relationship with a ladyboy, he’s only after the money. Others think that men who prefer ladyboys just have twisted sexual fantasies.

Culture Does Not Allow To Date Ladyboys

It does not come as a surprise that a lot of cultures don’t allow men to date ladyboys. In some cultures, even engaging in short-term and sexual relationships could get the men punished. These punishments can go from lashing to imprisonment.

Yes, bravery is a very gentlemanly trait. But what can you do if it could cost your life? If you’re a ladyboy, you must be aware of which country is the man you’re dating from and have feasible expectations.


This section will focus more on why some men can’t fully commit to ladyboys. Please do not feel offended if you feel like you’re being described in the sections. This was created to guide both men and ladyboys to understand what steps they could take in making a relationship like this happen.

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Familial Objections

Many men, especially from the east, still abide by their families’ requests. Such requests can include who they will and will not marry. This poses a challenge for a ladyboy who is deeply in love with a man like this. Sometimes, the saying that blood is thicker than water is simply true.

The relationship might be good but when the ladyboy shares that she’s ready for the next level, there’s simply no next level. Before entering a relationship like this, both parties must be informed that marriage is simply not an option.

Cowardly Behavior

Sometimes, some men are just cowards. They’re scared of owning up to their feelings. They may also be afraid of what their family, friends, and workmates would think. If a ladyboy is dating a man like this, she’ll easily notice and can fly away.

This is why many ladyboys seem to be in a neverending dating loop. They think that they’ve found the one but the reality slowly manifests and shakes their world.

Putting Ladyboys In A Sexual Box

Most ladyboys have probably experienced being thought of as a sex toy by their supposed partners. Ladyboys are not stupid but sometimes, they put up with this kind of relationship because love makes people do stupid things.

However, a lot of them escape perverts and find their true love eventually. Because the mainstream media don’t have enough proper ladyboy representation and ladyboys only appear a lot on porn sites, the regular ladyboys automatically become a sex symbol even if they have no plans of being one.


Because a lot of scenarios are imposed upon ladyboys, it’s not hard to see why many of them want to give up. Furthermore, some of them are still hoping but have very hard walls to break. The actions of others are what ultimately makes it harder for ladyboys to find a serious relationship.

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Distrust In Men From Past Experiences

Because they’ve been with several ineligible bachelors, ladyboys are more cautious. Some of them are quite skeptical that they start building impenetrable walls. Others have been badly broken that they start imprisoning themselves in a cage that they built.

If trust is not present, the foundation of a relationship won’t be sturdy. Ladyboys who have lost trust are doomed to enter a failed relationship again. This is why it’s vital for men who are dating distrusting ladyboys to do more work.

Lack Of Self-Esteem

Some ladyboys turn worse because they do not only distrust men. You see, when you lose trust, another person can give it back to you. The right person can arrive and change how you feel again. But if the problem stems within the person… that’s when it gets more complicated.

These ladyboys are the ones who have lost self-esteem. They start thinking that they’re at fault as to why their relationships have failed and simply don’t want to try again. Because of this, no matter how good their next partner would be, their blinding insecurity can get the best of them.

It’s like almost losing the will to love and there’s simply no recourse. For ladyboys who have lost their self-esteem, they have to gain it back themselves. Only they can find that inner peace and should focus on themselves more.

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