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The Best S*x Gifts for Long Distance Relationships This Valentine’s Day

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Cupid’s coming and you have to be ready for his arrow. Not because you’re away from your lover means that you should rest on your laurels. You have to give love if you want to receive love. Show your partner how you appreciate them by giving the best s*x gifts for long distance relationships this Valentine’s day.

If you are not into kinky stuff, please skip this article. You won’t find anything child-friendly here. Now, if you’re in the mood for love, keep reading.

Why S*x Gifts Can Help LDR for Valentine’s Day

There are five languages of love. These are:

  • touch
  • service
  • gifts
  • words
  • and time

When you are in a long-distance relationship, touch is taken away from you. Time may also be limited because of different time zones. Words can still be done but in a less effective manner and service is less effective.

Now, you’re only left with gifts. If you only have one language of love left to utilize, you must capitalize on it.

Gifts Make People Happy

Those who say that gifts don’t make them happy are probably lying. If not, they may just be ungrateful. If you are not part of the unhappy few, you have a great understanding as to how receiving gifts feel.

Do you love the feeling of receiving gifts? If so, it’s only right for you to make your partner feel the same way.

Surprises Keep Relationships Spicy

Gifting can give you many opportunities to many surprise ideas. One of the sweetest things that a man can do is to send her transgender girlfriend flowers even without a special occasion.

It’s also very touching if a woman sends her partner baked goods by surprise. Doing so will give the other an idea that you’re constantly thinking about them and that you still love them even if you’re apart.

What Else Is There?

Technically, you can send your partner thousands of “I love you” texts in a day. You may also talk to them for hours over the weekends (which frankly, makes the LDR worse because you’re talking to someone who you love but can’t touch).

You can also try the other languages but when it comes to long-distance relationships, gifting is the most powerful. The reason being is because gifting opens so many avenues to expressing someone’s love.

No matter what emotion you want to convey to your partner, you can easily do it with gifting. One of these many emotions is… FRISKY!

Top S*x Gifts For Long Distance Relationships

Because Valentine’s day should not be neglect, you must have a master plan. Don’t make your partner feel like the both of you are missing out just because you’re not together.

Just a little disclaimer, please know that this part is going to be extra steamy. You may be appalled most especially if you’re the prissy type. Kindly proceed with caution.

Seductive Lingerie

Before playing with the s*x gifts for long distance relationships, you have to look the part first. Doing so is vital in setting the mood. If you can also play with the lighting and your surroundings, do so.

sexy girl on a bed

Everything that will make your partner feel friskier is very important. Don’t hold back with this one. Leather, lace, stockings, tighty whities, etc. Whatever your partner wants, they get! Suffice to say, in this section, you’re the gift so be very well sure that you look hot.

An*l Toys

These can be in the form of:

  • dildos
  • an*l beads
  • butt plugs
  • etc.

What could make this even more fun is if you could find an artisan to model the dildo after your erect eggplant. This will give it a more personalized touch and will make your partner feel like they are making love with you.

Anal Toys

If you are both versatile, you can go on cam together and play with each other using these toys on Valentine’s day. If you are a top and your partner’s a bottom, you can use a fleshlight instead while watching them penetrate themselves.

Pen*s Toys

Many stores make the most out of men’s insatiable lust. This is why you’re not going to have a hard time looking for a pleasure toy for the eggplant. Cock rings, fleshlights, vagina simulator, etc. are all readily available even on the most family-oriented shopping websites.

Penis Toys

Just like recommended in the an*l toys section, you can play with a p*nis toy on Valentine’s day.

Pleasure Doll

This may seem extra kinky to you but if you open up your mind more to this, you’re going to love it. Japan makes many realistic pleasure dolls and having one that resembles your partner will make you less lonely on Valentine’s day.

Sex Doll

Not only will you be able to use this doll when you’re horny, but you can also cuddle with it whenever you miss your partner. It’s like a modern-day teddy bear, plus the s*x bit. Just be very sure that your partner is open to this because they might find you weird. Remember to ease into this kind of conversation.

BDSM and Roleplay

If you don’t want to subscribe to the lifestyle yet, you can at least try the many fun things that are worn in BDSM and roleplaying. Collars, chains, whips, thigh-high boots, stockings, etc. are all very sensual. You can also explore the world of French maids and masters.

BDSM Tools

If you and your partner are into anime, why not try cosplaying hot anime characters? The list of things that you can try is endless on this one. Wigs, masks, makeups, you name it and this world has it!

A lot of people say that they will never try BDSM because they are too scared of it. But once they try on the common BDSM outfits, they start getting into character.

Steamy Photos and Videos

Lastly, what better s*x gift for long distance relationship could top a hot photo or video of yourself? Just remember that before doing this, you must already have established trust with your partner.

sexy guy

Furthermore, you have to make these photos special. Don’t just send a d*ck pic on a whim. Give it a special Valentine’s Day twist. Maybe bite a rose while you are wearing your provocative underwear.

Remember, the two of you being apart is just temporary. Things will change and you’ll be together soon. There’s no harm in having fun while waiting. Just hold on to that love!

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