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Secrets to Seducing Ladyboys

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Every day is the perfect time to express your desires. It’s also the best time to be true to your sensual self. Whether you’re single or coupled and you want to seduce a ladyboy or your ladyboy girlfriend, you must do it properly. If you want to be the man of her fantasies this season, keep reading.

Traits That Ladyboys Want

Apart from the physical aspects, most ladyboys are attracted to a man based on his traits. Many ladyboys know not to dwell on the superficial because a lot of them have been treated poorly by society. This is why you should discover what they like to the core.

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Many ladyboys often get treated as dirty little secrets. This is because most cultures don’t approve of trans-oriented relationships. Added to that, the general has a mistaken notion that men who like ladyboys are gay, which in turn makes them not want to own up to their feelings.

To seduce a ladyboy, having six-pack abs and guns of steel are simply not enough. You must walk the talk and give her a sense of security. If you don’t date her openly, she will not find you sexy.


Plenty of beautiful ladyboys are available online. Many of them are single and looking for love. This is why one ladyboy can’t help but feel insecure when a man shows signs of inconsistency. It’s not because ladyboys are paranoid. Most people who are looking for a partner online are a bit more cautious.

Because the time zones are often different, men have a lot of excuses as to why they don’t consistently communicate. Furthermore, the distance can help with a myriad of alibis. For you to score huge points with the ladyboy you like, be consistent.


A sexual man can also describe someone as someone intimate. However, in this case, you’ll need more. What this entails is you, being able to enjoy cuddling, kissing, and holding hands in public. A lot of ladyboys enjoy feeling wanted and coveted because they’ve been snatched of these feelings pre-transition.

They did not get the correct attention and love that they received before transitioning because that’s not the body they identify with. This is why you must focus on this to make her feel 100% woman.

Actions Ladyboys Enjoy

If you fail to be the gold standard of the traits listed above, don’t worry. After all, actions speak volumes and can surpass expectations. Once you perform the actions below, she’s going to be enamored by you.

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Treat Her As Your Equal

If you want to seduce a ladyboy, you must not make her feel like you’re her superior. Many guys like treating ladyboys as a commodity. This shouldn’t be the case because it’s not only unfair, it’s inhumane.

Just like you, ladyboys have dreams, standards, and dignity too. Don’t expect her to fulfill all of your kinky desires just because you think she’ll have more open-mindedness. This is the most common misconception that men who date ladyboys have.

She is NOT a Pseudo-lady. Be a Gentleman

You could be the hottest guy in the room but if you’re a prick, your looks won’t have an effect on her. A lot of hunks get away with being an asshole because of their physique. However, you must remember that there are more hot men who like ladyboys than ladyboys wanting hot men.

The numbers are not in your favor so you have to adjust. She can easily dump you if you start manifesting your jerk antics. Now, if you’re a complete gentleman, you won’t only be able to seduce her, she might fall in love with you as well.

Give Gifts

This is not to encourage gold diggers. What this entails is that you must give her gifts from time to time. Those gifts don’t have to be expensive. Doing so will make her feel that she’s special to you. These may be in the form of flowers and chocolates.

You can also write her love letters or buy her little things that are beneficial for her job. A lot of ladyboys love to be surprised and gifting is the easiest method to execute this.

Top Ways To Get Ladyboys Aroused

Now that the basics have been covered, it’s time to get to a deeper level. If you want to make your love affair extra special and for the sex to be extra amazing, try following the steps below.

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Hot Date

Take her to a restaurant and be sure to look your best. If you can wear a suit or any formal wear that would make you look put together, she’s going to have sexual fantasies right before the appetizer is served.

Women in general and not just ladyboys, feel very proud when they are on a date with a well-dressed man. It’s funny if you think about it. Their thoughts will be filled with nothing but undressing you when you are properly donned.

Please Her

Most couples fast-forward sex on regular days. Don’t do this in your special copulation day. Do everything that she enjoys in the bed and introduce her to new areas that she has never explored before.

Think of the foreplay as the main dish if you want this to be extra special. Every kiss, hug, lick, pull, stretch, spank, etc., must be meaningful.

Smell Good

Many ladyboys get more aroused when they get a whiff of a sexy scent. For this day, spray on your sexiest perfume. Be sure to shower and clean every crevice well. Hygiene is very important in seducing someone. Added to that, scents make moments more memorable.

Sexy Underwear

Lastly, if you have not been updating your stash of underwear, it’s time to buy a new one for this sexy day. Surprise her with something that she’s really into. If she’s into tighty whities, give her the fantasy. Does she like thongs on men? Whatever tickles her fancy should be the top priority.

Please remember that none of these count if you have bad intentions. Always see to it that what you’re doing with her is coming out of love. Haven’t found one yet? Hop on to My Ladyboy Date and create an account today!

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