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Why do you keep dating Cheaters

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

Have you been looking for love but find your heart constantly broken because of infidelity? There are many reasons why people cheat but sometimes, the answer is very simple. Some people cheat because that’s just the way they’re built. However, there’s also a way in order to not be subject to this type of person anymore.

Please know that this was created to be a guide only. This was not made to make you feel bad about how you tread romantically. If you’re done with the cheating and the lies and want to take action, keep reading.

Déjà vu Disasters

This section will include the most common scenarios that you, or destiny, often keep repeating. Please don’t be offended if you check a lot of boxes. Read carefully because this is where action and change are truly required.

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You keep dating the SAME TYPE of person

Preferences are very normal to have when in the hunt for a relationship. However, because of these set standards, people tend to end up dating the same type of person.

Yes, every individual is unique. Even identical twins have certain nuances between them. However, there’s something about dating the type of person and the chance of them also replicating the trait of a cheater.

Little tweaks in your preferences may drastically change the outcome of your next relationship. This can be done by tweaking a certain type of occupation, social status, body type, etc.

You blame yourself for their cheating

Self-assessment is very good when figuring out what went wrong in a relationship. However, blaming yourself all the time as to why your partner has cheated is something that you shouldn’t do.

If you keep blaming yourself for their mistake, you’re not going to be able to focus on tweaking your preferences. You’ll always date the same type of person because you will always conveniently find yourself to blame.

You may blame how you look, talk, dress, act, etc. You may also start belittling yourself in the process of blaming yourself. Your confidence will be damaged and you’re going to be in an endless cycle of abuse.

A person’s cheating should never be accounted for who or how you are. By doing this little change, you’re going to have higher chances of not dealing with a cheater anymore in your next relationship.

You keep making excuses for their behavior

If you’re not blaming yourself, you’re blaming other people or circumstances. You may choose to blame their slutty colleague, your long-distance relationship, or their feeling of unfulfillment in the bedroom with you.

You’ll keep giving every excuse you can because you’re desperately holding on to a person who’s not worth your time. Stop making excuses!

How to Avoid Cheaters

Now that you know the most common reasons why you’re being cheated on, it’s time for you to avoid this type of people. You can’t be complacent with remembering this section because it will serve as your first line of defense against these pests.

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Try someone new

Take a breath of fresh air and try dating someone new. Go completely against the most common type of person you date. This also works if your preferences are dominated by physical aspects.

Don’t look for the “Perfect” person

Save yourself from headaches and waste of time by ending your quest for someone who doesn’t exist. Yes, a person may have checked all your boxes but if the same type of person keeps on hurting you, you should look for someone more “human”.

Forget the attractive “Bad Boy / Bad Girl” type

These hot human beings are mostly up to no good. Obviously, what makes them charming is the feature that comes along with the package; that they’re hard to get and hard to keep. What makes you think that you’ll be able to turn them from bad to good? There’s no such thing and that’s only present in telenovelas. If they decide to be good, that’s their personal choice and it will never be brought upon by the power of love.

Don’t date married/committed people

This is a no-brainer. If they’re married or committed and they’re cheating with you, they’re probably going to do the same to you. If they’re able to compromise their committed relationships, they probably won’t think a side piece would be much of a loss to them should they decide to cheat on you too.

Signs of Loyalty

Here are some things that you have to stick on your refrigerator. Please know that these are just recommendations and don’t guarantee that your future partner is not going to cheat on you.

Dating history

Investigate their dating history. Know if they’ve ever cheated on a partner or not. If they didn’t, there’s probably a high chance that they will remain loyal to you. There are many ways to do this. You can look at the timeline of their exes. You may also stalk their exes’ friends. If these are not possible, you may ask them in a playful way.


When you get to know a person, don’t have the information you’re getting from one ear escape the other. All of the information they’re sharing with you must always match. If not, they’re probably lying to you and yes, that’s including their history of being loyal in relationships.


If a person always does what they promise to do, they probably have integrity. This also means that when they’re telling you something, they’re probably not lying about it. Observe this person’s actions and watch these unfold who they truly are.

Where to look for a loyal partner

There are many spots to look for a loyal partner. However, this list will only include the most common ones. If others don’t make the list, feel free to suggest them in the comment section below.

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Forums and Facebook Groups

There are many forums and Facebook groups that are devoted to connecting trans women to gentlemen. For instance, you can look for the group entitled Meet My Ladyboy Girlfriend on Facebook.

Hookup App

Tinder, Badoo, Wechat, or whatever’s available in your country. These are the common apps that will help you find a loyal partner. However, please know that the chances of finding one here are very slim as these apps are known for hooking up or one night stands.

My Ladyboy Date

Now, if you’re really serious about leveling up your quest for love, you must try My Ladyboy Date. This website won’t make you feel like you’re searching for a diamond in the rough as most members are well-screened here. You’ll stumble upon fewer posers, scammers, and cheaters because of the excellent moderation of the website’s team.

If you want to find decent people on a ladyboy dating site, it’s time to sign up.

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