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Do Ladyboys Enjoy being a Top?

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Many guys often discover ladyboys through porn. Because of this, they have set certain expectations when it comes to ladyboys and how they perform in bed. However, there are concerns and caveats to consider most especially if you’re considering dating ladyboys.

In this guide, you’ll get the answer on whether ladyboys truly enjoy being a top. Please know that this article was only created to serve as a guide with general information. It’s not claiming to be the top resource for all of your questions in regards to ladyboys and their sexuality.

What is a TOP Ladyboy?

Top, in every sense of the word, is the pinnacle. However, in a sexual sense, it’s known to be of giving instead of receiving. Colloquially, when one’s a top in bed, it means they are the one performing the penetration.

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Moreover, this doesn’t mean that only people who possess a penis can be top. There’s a sexual activity called pegging whereby an individual wears a strap-on dildo, and that person’s considered a top as well.

Power Top Ladyboy

The Power Top Ladyboy is someone who’s not in it for all types of rides. She’s the kind who will only do the penetration. Not because she lives her life with a gender that has more feminine stereotypes embedded in it, means that she’s one hundred percent about that life.

Furthermore, some cisgender women also enjoy being a top as well. This may come as a surprise but if you do a bit of research, you’ll discover dominatrix women who are tops.

Versa Top Ladyboy

Although she’s dominantly top, she chooses to be a bottom from time to time. Just like the Power Top Ladyboy, she gets more pleasure in doing the penetration. There are many instances why she bottoms sporadically. This may involve random dates, a lover’s request, or exploration of sexuality.

Yes, she may give in to such requests but just know that in order to genuinely please her, you must let her top.

Other Types of Ladyboy Sexual Roles

Now, if you’re looking for a partner in My Ladyboy Date, you must also discover the other types of ladyboy sexual roles. It’s not only top ladyboys who sign up and look for love.

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Versatile Ladyboy

The versatile ladyboy may be every man’s dream. The reason being is because she likes being top and bottom and she’s not just doing both to compromise. She has a very healthy sexual appetite that serves her well when it comes to finding a partner.

Finding a genuine versatile ladyboy can be quite a challenge. However, they exist and you just might find them if you look hard enough.

Bottom Ladyboy

This is the most common type of ladyboy sexual role. The reason being is because a lot of ladyboys are hyper-feminine and the notion of receiving usually comes along with it.

Bottom ladyboys truly have fun in the bedroom if they are being penetrated. However, not all bottom ladyboys like being bottom because of the physical feelings that it offers. Others prefer being bottom because of psychological reasons. Some bottom ladyboys feel more womanly if they are exclusively receiving.

Will NOT have sex until SRS

Other ladyboys are quite rare and they are the ones who won’t have sex until undergoing sex reassignment surgery (SRS). They feel that anal sex is a “gay” act and they don’t want to feel less of a woman by participating in it.

Although anal sex is not exclusively for homosexual couples, today’s society still has the opposite notion widely embedded.

Do Ladyboys enjoy being a TOP?

Now, for the reason why you opened this link, it’s time to get the answer. Please know that it’s very important to remember the details in this section. These are more actionable and what’s going to determine the outcome of your quest for a ladyboy girlfriend.

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How to know if a Ladyboy wants to Top

Some ladyboys are more open to sharing their preferred sexual roles. My Ladyboy Date has made it easier for you to determine someone’s sexual role. However, some put “versatile” in their profiles just to stay on the safe side. You’ll still have to do some low-key investigation to truly know what’s up (no pun intended).

To not turn someone off, it’s okay to interject this kind of topic in the conversations. However, don’t do it from the get-go. You must wait for the perfect timing or until she opens up about her sexuality herself.

Your safest bet would be the third day of constantly communicating with her. This will make her feel that you’re not only interested in her sexually because you’ve already talked about other stuff and that you’ve decided to pursue her by reaching the third day.

What to do if she enjoys it?

If you’re looking for a top ladyboy, thank your lucky stars. You already have the major factor in the relationship covered. However, this doesn’t mean that she’s going to make a good partner. Don’t base your future relationship on her sexual role.

What to do if she doesn’t enjoy it?

Nothing. Don’t do anything to change her mind. If she doesn’t find pleasure both physically and psychologically in being a top, don’t push it. Again, no pun intended.

A person’s sexual role should be decided upon by the owner of the body. You have no right to influence, motivate, and change someone’s mind. It doesn’t also matter if she has not tried it yet and you feel that “she should” to see if she will like it or not.

Ladyboys are living with different levels of gender dysphoria. It’s not as simple as dealing with someone who just hasn’t tried something yet. Let her be and accept the fact that the two of you are not compatible.

If you truly want to be with a ladyboy who enjoys being a top, keep up with your search on My Ladyboy Date. There are plenty of top ladyboys who are looking for love and are seeking to settle down with the bottom of their dreams. Don’t waste time by gawking and go online today.

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