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How to Have a Filipina Ladyboy Girlfriend

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Many ladyboys from all over the globe can be found on My Ladyboy Date. However, Filipina ladyboys have a good reputation when it comes to successful relationships. Are you one of the many curious men who’s ready to know if the claims are real?

Please know that this guide was not created for biased purposes. This was only created to serve as an educational guide for men who are interested in being with a Filipina ladyboy. Take everything with a grain of salt.

What’s Special about Filipina Ladyboys?

Filipinos are known in general to be quite hospitable. They’re also famous for having good work ethics and respectable characters. However, this section will focus more on the attributes that make them one of the best ladyboy girlfriends.


The Philippines has a long history of being colonized by different nations. This is why the looks of Pinoys (colloquial term for Filipinos) greatly vary in appearances. One will find a hard time determining if a person is Filipino based on their looks alone.

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Below is a list of three words that are commonly used by modern Filipinos. These words will help best describe the type of Filipina ladyboy you’re planning to date.


A Morena Filipina is someone who has gorgeous tan skin. She may or may not be mixed-race. Their facial features vary greatly. Some have round faces while others’ are more angular. Other Morenas have wider and flatter noses while others have slim and pointy ones. The shape and fullness of their lips are also quite varied.

The modern Filipinos’ use of the word Morena highly depends on the color of one’s skin rather than her ethnicity.


Mestiza Filipinas are mostly mixed with Caucasian races. They generally have fair skin, angular faces, and slim pointy noses. Originally, the word mestiza pertains to someone who’s mixed-race regardless of which. However, in today’s times, the word Mestiza (colloquially called Tisay) mostly pertains to Filipinas who have fair skin and look Caucasian.


Filipinas who have slanted eyes and look East Asian are usually called Chinitas. In the Philippines, Chinitas are quite coveted because of the Korean wave. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re the only ones who are considered beautiful in the country as all Filipinas are equally beautiful.


Filipina ladyboys make the best girlfriends because of their personality and character. A lot of men from the west say that Filipinas make good wives. If you’re planning to settle down, you need to put Filipinas into consideration. Below’s a list of their common characteristics that are sure to make you pop the question “Will you marry me?”.

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Filipina ladyboys are famous for being caring. No ladyboy from another country will ask you if you have eaten three times a day. When you’re sick, know that she will take care of you like you’re dealing with a terminal illness even if you only have minor colds.

The reason being is because Filipino mothers are very hands-on when it comes to their children. Pinoys are quite family-oriented which results in extra caring companions.


What this means isn’t equivalent to them being basic bitches or ringarde. Most Filipinas don’t dream of an extravagant lifestyle. The majority of Pinoys were brought up in the foundation of care, love, and attention. Because of poverty, they had the privilege to realize that the best things in life are free.

If you want to minimize the chances of ending up with a gold digger, your best bet would be to marry a Filipina ladyboy.


Filipina ladyboys are very attentive in nature. You can’t be passive-aggressive or do the cold treatment to them. They’re smart and will know what’s going on so it’s best for you to communicate with them openly.

Furthermore, this trait also results in them, having a good idea of your needs and wants.

What they Like

Good hygiene is very important to Filipino ladyboys. If you’re planning to be intimate numerous times a day with her, your hygiene practices must greatly improve numerous times as well.

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They are attracted to men who are more down to earth with their wealth and achievements. Added to that, you must also know how to treat people around you with respect; the waiters, drivers, hotel staff, etc.

If you’re family-oriented, this will serve as a bonus. Most Filipina ladyboys value their family a lot and so should you. Your relationship should not impact her relationship with her kin in a negative way.

What they Dislike

They don’t like loud partners. Filipinas are generally mild-mannered. When you’re angry, you don’t have to scream at her. Learn how to converse calmly, whether the situation is heating you up or not.

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Most Filipina ladyboys are quite jealous as well. It’s best not to talk about other beautiful ladyboys with her. Furthermore, don’t look at other women while you’re out together. Doing so will put her in a very bad mood.

How to Get a Filipina Ladyboy Girlfriend

Getting a Filipina ladyboy girlfriend is not an easy feat. One must observe patience and have an excellent strategy.

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Filipinos are generally shy so you MUST make the first move. Send her a message but make sure that it’s not too sexual. You might repel her if you come on too strong. Make your message friendly and engaging.


Filipinos are good English speakers. You should capitalize on this. Expand your topics from conversational to educational, comical, astronomical, global, etc. However, don’t get too political (it’s never a good idea).

Dating in Real Life

All you have to remember is to be a gentleman. Treat her like the lady she is and don’t make her feel like she’s disposable. Respect and admire her genuinely and the rest will follow.

Where to find Filipina Ladyboys

The best way to get yourself a Filipina girlfriend is to make an account on My Ladyboy Date. If you want a safe place for online ladyboy dating without the risks of romance scams, posers, etc., My Ladyboy Date is your best bet. Remember to be respectful and kind because the moderators of the site are not lenient towards disrespectful and rude behavior.

You may find your soulmate elsewhere but proper research truly helps if you want to land a partner that best suits your needs. No matter where she’s from, always remember to love with all your heart so you won’t end up with regrets.

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