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What Beautiful Ladyboys want in a Man

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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I’m a ladyboy and I know that I’m beautiful because we’re all created equally. Added to that, my mother constantly tells me that I’m beautiful as well so there’s that. However, for this article, I’m going to be more specific when it comes to the term beautiful.

What I mean by beautiful is someone who’s quite universally appealing in terms of aesthetics. Please know that I’ve collated all of this information from my beautiful friends. Don’t attack me by thinking that I’m trying to make it harder for you guys.

Alright, less chat and more advice…


Obviously, if a man is attracted to ladyboys, he’s already a quite inclusive and accepting person. However, acceptance is a word with vast meanings and a lot of beautiful ladyboys are still looking for it.

To further explain this, what they mean by it is the acceptance in all aspects of life. You see, a lot of ladyboys are discriminated and are not given the opportunity to finish their studies or achieve their career goals. This is why it’s common to have a gap in social status.

hands rainbow

Furthermore, a lot of ladyboys who are looking for love often come from poverty and this may formulate a sense of insecurity for them most especially if they’re dating a man who’s from a wealthy country or who has a different type of lifestyle.

Lastly, because ladyboys are often marginalized and excluded, they feel more comfortable with a man who accepts them fully for who they are. This is why a lot of beautiful ladyboys are longing for acceptance.


I’m not going to beat around the bush anymore, most beautiful ladyboys prefer a man who’s rich. The reason being is because since they have been gifted with such physical beauty, they think that they deserve more. I think that the same goes for a lot of beautiful cisgender women as well.

nice car

Because beautiful people, in general, have a wider net to cast and plenty of fishes to choose from, beauty and money seem to complement each other very well. Please know that I’m not saying that beautiful ladyboys are gold diggers. However, this is what reality entails.

Don’t worry, the definition of wealth here is not as grand as you might think. Since a lot of beautiful ladyboys come from poor countries, the meaning of wealth is adjusted to the average man’s favor.

As long as you can support her financially and that you’re not living below the poverty line, you got this covered.


I know that this list seems to be getting worse and worse but trust me, this is important to the majority of beautiful ladyboys. You see, a lot of beautiful ladyboys take a lot of time and effort to take care of their looks and they’re expecting to be with someone who does the same (except if you’re extremely rich and she’s materialistic lol).

handsome guy

If you have a fit body and you regularly work out, she will give you the time of day. Added to that, a lot of ladyboys are hyper-feminine and prefer to be with someone masculine so if you exude this image, you’re going to have increased chances of being in a serious relationship with a beautiful ladyboy.

I think that it’s not only beautiful ladyboys who are looking for an attractive man. Even unattractive people, in general, tend to gravitate towards beautiful people. Alright, let’s just say good looks are quite powerful and it’s a currency that translates to a lot of sections in life.

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Beta Male

I’ve recognized that a lot of gorgeous ladyboys have a very dominant personality. It’s surprising to find out that anyone’s attracted to beta males but truly, in this situation, being beta works.


Because most of them have a dominant personality, their characters complement best with someone who’s more submissive. I’m talking about submissiveness when it comes to relationship and not in the bedroom. Please don’t get my words twisted.

If you are quite amenable to what a ladyboy wants and enjoy pleasing her, you will succeed in having a healthy relationship with a beautiful ladyboy. Just don’t forget that you have balls because you might need it from time to time if she’s not being reasonable anymore lol.


A trait like this is attractive to ladyboys in general. Because ladyboys come from Asia, family-orientedness is very important to them. If you’re not the type to care about her parents, siblings, cousins, etc. she will not find you attractive. Some will endure you, ignoring her family but trust me, she will resent you and the relationship will just end up being mired in mess.

mom with 2 kids

If you don’t care about anybody but her, forget about dating a ladyboy. Yes, there are perks to being with ladyboys because a lot of them are quite understanding and a little more patient but trust me, when it comes to their families, especially their mothers, you’ll always be the second choice.


The biggest insult that a beautiful ladyboy could receive is infidelity. Seriously, a lot of people are telling her how beautiful she is and it’s unfortunate that she ended up with a lowlife cheater.

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Because beautiful ladyboys are always told that they deserve more, infidelity is something that can be non-negotiable and unforgivable to them. If you’re not the one-woman type of guy and you’re still planning to cheat, be well d*mn sure that she’s not going to find out because if she does, she CAN and WILL drop you like a hot potato.

Beautiful ladyboys have the world in their hands so don’t be surprised if she will get over you very quickly.

Real Beauty

If you find that she’s only beautiful for the wrong reasons, she’s not beautiful at all. If she’s too materialistic, shallow, and self-obsessed, don’t pursue her. There are plenty of gorgeous ladyboys in My Ladyboy Date who have their appearances matching their personalities.

The world is too big to obsess about someone who doesn’t deserve you.

Good luck!



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