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How to have a Ladyboy Girlfriend Online

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Today’s topic is a bit of a treat for men. This guide will be quite actionable as I will share with you some things that I’ve personally done to find a partner in My Ladyboy Date.

Please know that I’m going to be very specific with my tips so you have to follow them step-by-step. Furthermore, the tips I will be sharing will only work best for My Ladyboy Date as I will mention some tricks that are only exclusive to the site so if you’re planning to find a partner in other sites, some of the tips below might not work.

Exude Mystery

I know that you’re a guy and most men are assertive but trust me, a sense of mystery is quite sexy to ladyboys. Don’t give all of yourself away too early in the game. Don’t write your life story in the About Me section and expect that someone will read the whole thing.

mystery guy

An effective profile that gains interest is something concise, to the point, and respectable. One great idea could be you introducing yourself, including your interests in the first paragraph while what you’re looking for and your type of ladyboy in the second.


When you’re on My Ladyboy Date, avoid too lewd photos and descriptions. Take a chill pill; you WILL find love and WILL get laid… calm down, jeez, lol. Going back to the topic, if you want a serious relationship, you must look the part. Avoid looking like a party playboy who’s just looking for fun on your profile.

respectable man

If you exude a vibe that you’re just this cool guy who likes to party, the type of ladyboys you’ll attract are the wrong ones. No self-respecting ladyboy will waste her time and subject herself to such clownery.

The key things to remember when it comes to your profile are to look like you shower every day, you look like you have a job, and you’re not a tranny chaser. That’s very easy to achieve so don’t give me any excuses as to why you can’t do it.

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If you like someone, send a message

I know that some of you are quite introverted and are not comfortable in sending the first greeting. However, you must know that online dating sites make it very convenient for all types of people to have a fair opportunity to love. If someone rejects you and you can’t handle it, you can simply block her.

man on a computer

However, don’t go too low and be that bitter lol. The reason why I’m highly recommending you to send the first message is that most ladyboys are very in tune with their feminine energy. They’re a bit shy and reserved so even if they really like you, they will hold back from sending you the first hello.

Some great examples if you’re shy but want to seem confident are:

  • Hello beautiful. I really enjoyed reading your profile. How are you today?
  • Hi gorgeous, you have a very nice smile. I would like to get to know you better.

The samples above are flirtations but respectable and I guarantee that you will get a reply. Also, please DO NOT send scintillating messages because not only is it offensive for the receiver, it also violates the guidelines of the website. 

My Ladyboy Date Features

In this section, I’ll be sharing some tips and tricks with you. Follow everything religiously and LOVE will come to you!

Myladyboydate's founders

Favorite Tab

If you’re still shy but you really like someone, you can simply add her to your favorites and hope for the best. However, I don’t recommend this because messages get a higher response rate. Why would you waste your time wondering if she saw that you’ve favorited her for days when you can simply send a message to get it over with.

Online Tab

Don’t underestimate the power of the online tab. It’s where you’ll be getting the majority of replies to your messages. When you log in on My Ladyboy Date, don’t just stay there for five minutes. Peruse the online members and always send a message to someone that you’re interested in.

Don’t miss the chance to send her a message because you may not see her again. Seriously, a lot of things can happen. Your schedules may not match anymore, she can be whisked away by another more assertive man and stop going online, or she may decide to stop looking for love on the site.

View Tab

My Ladyboy Date allows users to see who viewed their profile. You must capitalize on this feature if you want to jumpstart your quest for love. Doing so will increase your visibility and chances of finding the right fit. What I usually do is I open the Online tab and ctrl + left click on all of the avatars. Doing this trick will save a lot of time from having to constantly click the back button.

The method that I’ve shared is for Windows. Replace ctrl with the fn key if you’re using Mac.

Sometimes, I tend to get lazy but my burning desire to find love is always intact so this is why I’ve thought of the ctrl + left click trick. Trust me, a lot of people will get to see your profile and you’ll get an influx of messages.

Believe that you will have a Ladyboy Girlfriend

I’m a firm believer in the law of attraction. I’ve achieved a lot in life through its help. Always have daily affirmations that you will find love and keep logging in on My Ladyboy Date to remind you that one day, she will arrive in your inbox.

happy guy

Finding a ladyboy girlfriend is made up of a recipe with only three ingredients:

  • Consistency
  • Respect
  • A decent dating website

My Ladyboy Date has one of the ingredients covered, it’s up to you if you’re planning to take action. By the way, if you’re not convinced yet, feel free to read the success stories of ladyboy-oriented relationships that started in My Ladyboy Date.

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