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Should we introduce our hot bestfriend to our boyfriend?

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Today’s topic is a bit different as it’s going to be focused more on your circle; rather than your personal relationship with your boyfriend.  Let’s admit it, most men in Asian Ladyboy dating sites have yellow fever (strong attraction towards Asian people).  What happens when you and your boyfriend who you met in a ladyboy dating site finally meet in person?  It’s inevitable that when things go right, he’s going to meet your family and friends; and the latter entails that he’ll also get to meet your oh so hot best friend.

Yes, your ladyboy best friend who has the best face, best body, best style, and best everything.  Although you trust her a lot, you still fear that he might find her more attractive.

Ladies, before you get too paranoid, let me share with you what happened with my first boyfriend who I met in a ladyboy dating site and my former best friend who is now a celebrity (how typical, a beautiful person becomes famous right?) Alright Insecure Isabella, hear me out.

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Before They Met

I was 17 years old and my best friend/mentor was around 24 at that time. Let’s just call her Helena.  She had her breasts, face, and butt done and she looked like a supermodel.  The supermodel in a Russian, statuesque, and skinny way.  Whenever we went out, she always gets looks and I’ve never been envious because I saw her as a mother and I was proud to have a mother who’s oh so beautiful.

However, when the day arrived that I’ve decided to have her meet my boyfriend, I felt a little scared; scared that he will see what I lacked because of her.  It’s quite silly to have that mentality though because I was only 17 and in the early stages of my transition lol.  Anyway, I was barely legal and I couldn’t introduce my parents to him (my father’s a lawyer) because he might get sued for pedophilia or whatever as he was 40+ at that time; suffice to say, I could only introduce my friends.  At that time, I only had one friend as well and that was her.

Their Meeting

Actually, they weren’t able to meet because… Helena was a bit of a gold digger lol.  Well, not a bit, a lot, and she taught me a lot of invaluable advice when it comes to men and women roles in a relationship.  Her trait also forced me to buy a Carolina Herrera 212 perfume for her which was around 200 USD as a pasalubong (coming home gift that’s popular in Filipino culture).  My then-boyfriend bought it for her but it left him a bad impression.  He said that he had no interest in meeting her as he finds her superficial and that he’s glad I didn’t turn out like her.  He even called her derogatory names because of her multiple cosmetic surgeries and I felt like I was put in the middle.

To sum it all up, you have nothing to be insecure about because your boyfriend got in a relationship with you BECAUSE of you and not because you have hot friends.  Added to that, if he cheats on you with your friend, thank both of them for letting you know the truth and for not wasting your time further.

Just go for it!



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