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3 types of rich men to avoid in Ladyboy Dating Sites

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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I’m not trying to give rich men a harder time in finding love on a ladyboy dating site.  I’m just writing this guide in order to save most ladyboys from unnecessary headaches when dealing with these 3 types of rich men.

Please know that everything I’m writing here is from my own experience.  Kindly take it with a grain of salt.


I know how classy it sounds to be in a relationship with a man from an old rich family.  However, if you’re not old-rich yourself, there’s a very minimal chance that he will take you seriously.  Plus, let’s not take out the fact of you being a ladyboy which is a no-no to most families of aristocracy.  These guys will just string you along and waste your time.  Besides, their money is mostly tied-up into their businesses as well so if the only reason as to why you’re dating him is because of money, you won’t get it.  Not even a cent from it.  I am not saying that men from long generations of money are all the same but while you’re still young, beautiful, and capable, seek other options.

The world is your oyster darling.

Why would you force yourself into a cage with a gilded butterfly when you can live life to the fullest?

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The Playboy Type

Most of us ladyboys are turned on by playboys.  Come on, don’t you get the same exciting feeling when you visit a profile of someone sitting on a Lamborghini as you peruse your favorite ladyboy dating site?  I know that you don’t stop there, your amazement continues with the Rolex he’s wearing while holding a glass of champagne by the stem.  Yes, Jenny, I know you very well and I’ve been there and more lol.  There will be a 90% chance that he will give you the time of day as long as you submit to his will and sexual needs but there’s a 99% chance that he will also cheat on you.  I know how a typical rich macho man can be very appealing but please stop.

Go for someone who is more reserved and is more down-to-earth.  Anybody can be a gentleman, it’s very easy.  But not everyone can be a faithful and devoted partner.

Don’t be an easy target for these playboys.

The Too Workaholic

There’s nothing wrong about dreaming big and focusing on a career but if his 5 minutes of conversation to you is making it seem like you owe him the world as he’s losing money while connecting with you, that’s when you stop.  I’ve had a boyfriend who was exactly like this, sure, I’d forgive him from time to time because he gifts lavishly but those don’t secure my future both mentally and physically.

Even if you get him to marry you, would you like to be in a relationship wherein more than half of the year, he’s not in your arms?

Anyway, whoever you end up with is still in your discretion.  I just wrote this as a warning especially for those ladyboys who want a jet-set lifestyle.  At the end of the day, money is something, but not everything.



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