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Who to avoid in Ladyboy Dating Sites

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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It’s very easy to fall for a beautiful avatar in a ladyboy dating website and men are mostly visual but if you’re looking for a ladyboy girlfriend, you have to start learning how to love reading again.

Please let it be known that this is solely from my point of view, take this guide with a grain of salt.

Jane the Virgin

Let me preface this by saying that I do NOT have any problems with virgins. It’s just that if you really want to save time, it’s better to be with someone who already knows who she is, what she wants, and are already sure of herself. You see, it’s kind of a hot thought to pop someone’s cherry, it may make you feel quite special.

a virgin ladyboy

However, are you really ready to partake in something as tedious as this? You should save your time and energy for the ones who are already ready for the taking. The novelty of virginity will eventually run out. Added to that, emotional expectations will rise because, in a way, you owe her something.

This spells HEADACHE and TROUBLE. Making love with a ladyboy should be FUN and the opposite of tasking.

Damsel in Distress

There’s something so attractive about a damsel in distress. After all, men are wired to be providers and the majority of men LOVE being the hero. However, there are opportunists out there that will capitalize on some men’s simpleton kind of mindset.

Distress ladyboy

If this is your first time with a ladyboy, you’re probably an easy target to romance scammers. However, it’s very easy to spot this type of gal. She will reveal all of the drama that’s encompassing her life within a month and trust me, it will always involve the financial aspects.

I’m not saying that women who depend on a man financially are scammers. However, if you barely know someone and you don’t have a solid relationship with this person yet, don’t you think that her moxie in asking you for money only within a month is kind of off-putting?

You may argue that you will only help her one time but trust me, this will be a cycle and if you don’t want to fall for this endless loop of remittance, reject her nicely.


She’s an alpha woman and she gets EVERYTHING. She will manipulate you emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially. This type of woman will be very demanding and she’s not for the faint of heart.

Your relationship with her will feel as though you’re constantly playing in a chess tournament or walking through landmines. She’s unapologetic about her personality and some men prefer this type of lady. However, being in a relationship with one can be quite toxic.

queen ladyboy

Yes, her dominance can be quite hot to some men from the get-go but seriously, a healthy relationship should have a foundation of equality and give and take. Trust me, the novelty will wear out and you’ll see her eventually for who she really is, a SELFISH BYOTCH.

Fran the Flirt

She’s the kind who’s always in the presence of men. She’ll think you’re crazy for being jealous of her male friends. She loves to flirt with everyone; your realtor, gardener, trash collector, her gym instructor, the dairy delivery guy, a game mascot, store clerk, the doctor, your best friend, the pool boy, and more.

Technically, she’s not cheating on you. It’s her natural behavior to bat her eyelashes and give her best smile to random guys. She weirdly compliments men of how great they look as well. She also loves dressing provocatively and thrives through the attention that random men give her. No, she’s not doing this because she wants to make you jealous, she’s just naturally flirty.

flirting ladyboy

However, why would you stick with someone who’s so insecure that your attention seems like it’s never enough for her to find confidence? Why would you endure being in a relationship with such a problematic person? Are you desperate?

If she doesn’t change her ways for you, it’s time to say goodbye. This just goes to show that she does not respect you. A woman with self-respect, self-worth, and genuine feelings for someone will proudly let people know that she’s exclusively yours and that there are no cracks or holes that can be entered (pun intended).

The Snobbish Lady

I’ve encountered a lot of profiles like this in ladyboy dating sites. Most of them are very funny because the pretentiousness reeks together with the distasteful choice of words.  Some even have headlines saying “High-Class Ladyboy 4 U” which not only makes it cringingly very cheesy, it’s very offensive as well.

Snobbish ladyboy

These gals are usually very campy and are prototypes of the word tacky.  You’ll see their photos filled with branded purses, jewelry, shoes, perfumes, etc. that are mostly taken from Google Images or were obtained through means which often include a mattress.  I have nothing against what they do but at the very least, please be honest about it and not pretend like you’re of a certain pedigree.

She’s too good for you

ladyboy too good for you

She’s this picture-perfect ladyboy who seems like she can never do wrong. There’s nothing wrong with being with someone so amazing. However, you should not pursue her if she makes it CLEAR to you that you have the shorter end of the stick.

Trust me, there’s a lot of deluded people like her out there. She loves to talk about herself, her achievements, what she deserves, what she wants, and that she deserves to be with someone who’s as perfect as she is.

Bad news for her, such a guy doesn’t exist. When did love ever equate to social status, achievements, looks, and more? This woman is quite superficial and should be avoided if you stumble upon her in a ladyboy dating site.

There’s plenty of fish out there. There’s a lot of decent ladyboys in My Ladyboy Date who don’t have to resort to tooting their own horns. Go for somebody who knows her worth but doesn’t overestimate it.

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The Hot Starlet

Yes, you will see her nipples covered with nothing but marabou feathers.  She’s also the type to have hundreds of likes because most of her photos are of her nearly naked.  She will not miss an opportunity to drop that top and nobody can stop her.

There is NOTHING wrong about this. However, if it’s a serious relationship that you’re looking for, be prepared to know that out of all the messages she gets daily, you’ll be lucky if she even gets to see your message.  Apart from that, these ladyboys are mostly just looking to have fun or milk guys’ wallets.  Trust me, I have friends who do it lol.

However, I don’t know why you’re still reading this because for sure, you’ll be distracted by a ladyboy wearing a thong from one of the online members but please don’t make me say I told you so.  Let’s move on to the last section of this guide…

Boyfriend Connoisseur

Boyfriend Connoisseur

Getting to know her will be quite entertaining because she will talk badly about her ex-boyfriends. What’s funnier is that she will say that the problem is with the men when she’s already been in a romantic relationship with more than twenty guys.

She doesn’t take responsibility as to why her past relationships went bust. She’ll just put the blame on all of the men who she’s been with. This lady typically has had a lot of short-term relationships and the count of her ex-boyfriends are already in double digits.

Yes, it’s tough out there for a single woman. However, with that huge of a number, don’t you think it’s already quite telling of where the problem lies?

Disconnected Lady

Disconnected Ladyboy

This bit is quite confusing because there are some women out there who aren’t naturally showy. Not all women are warm and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you feel like she’s emotionally disconnected from you, why are you still trying to have a relationship with her?

I’m sorry, you’re looking for a soulmate here and it’s not my intention for your quest to be tougher. I’m just here to remind you that if you want to be with someone for a lifetime, emotional connection is of paramount importance.

You may argue that she’s just naturally cold but haven’t you considered that she’s just inherently cold just because SHE’S NOT THAT INTO YOU? In love, there should be a spark and the two of you should be madly in love with each other.

Don’t settle just to settle. Keep looking and you’ll find her!

The Angry B*tch

Angry ladyboy

This one usually writes something along the lines of…

If you are just going to talk about stupid stuff all day, don’t bother sending me a message. I will BLOCK you!

PS: I will also not date you if you are fat, broke and short so don’t even try!

Yes, Matilda, we get it. None of us wants to receive stupid stuff all day too. However, you don’t have to waste the About Me space to describe yourself.  If a person wants to send you stupid stuff, he will regardless of what you have written on there. 

It’s also good to have a preference but writing what you don’t like (which is probably the majority of men in a ladyboy dating website) explicitly just because you’re entitled to do so, not only makes you very unattractive but also makes you annoyingly deluded as well.

Get over yourself and release your anger through sports or by slapping your face using a belt buckle. To be honest, I don’t know what’s more entertaining and I’m going to end this article before your anger rubs onto me.

Best of luck!



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