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How to apologize and MEAN it

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Have you ever been in a situation of total remorse after something that you did and said?  Let’s discount cheating, violence or any grave action in the mix because those are unforgivable.  Let’s just include petulant stuff like words that may have ruffled feathers or leaving dirty clothes on the floor for the 500th time.  So…

Some of us ladyboys often get moody because of hormones and we sometimes say things that we don’t mean or half-meant that shouldn’t be said at all.  I know how honesty is the best foundation for a healthy relationship but being a nitpicky and perfectionist person can also be the demise of one so before I ramble on too much and talk about 1 shade of an endless spectrum which constitutes to a healthy relationship, let’s move on to how to apologize and really mean it.

No Buts

This is so fucking annoying.  Doesn’t it irk you when your ladyboy date or boyfriend apologizes to you and adds BUT after the sorry?

I’m sorry BUT you started it…
I apologize BUT you made me do it…
I’m sorry BUT there’s something that you did/said that…

Bitch please, just say you’re sorry for what happened and wait for the person to accept it and promise not to do it again.  There’s no point in calming the storm by brewing another one.  Seriously, give the weatherman a break.

No Ifs

I’m sorry IF I hurt your feelings
I’m sorry IF you felt that way BUT

Geez Louise, when will you ever stop!?  I mean, it’s pretty obvious that my feelings were hurt and don’t try to justify as to why you said/did what just happened.  Don’t ever put the blame on me for the ACTIONS you willingly did with your own mind, mouth, and hands.  Your apology is just rife with indifference and it’s pretty clear that you have no remorse and empathy.  I don’t ever want to deal with your narcissism anymore so if you keep this going, you might as well just pack your bags and get the hell out of my sight.

No Remixes

If you’re truly apologetic, kindly don’t ever play the same old song on me with a bunch of different remixes.  I simply don’t have the time and energy to read The Boy Who Cried Wolf for the nth time.  If you said something that hurt me the first time and if you do it for the 10th time that we have an altercation, best believe that those years will be GONE… gone with the wind and not fabulous (channeling my inner Kenya Moore).  Someone who’s truly sorry for something will not repeat the same mistake over and over again.  It’s good to forgive and forget but if a person constantly does/says something repeatedly that’s hurtful, no matter which level of pain it is, it’s time to go.  There are a lot of other options in My Ladyboy Date to choose from.  Sorry not sorry!

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