How to know if you’re the Side Chick

Posted on September 27, 2019
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A lot of men in the world of ladyboy dating are notorious into luring a ladyboy into a relationship wherein the latter has no idea that she’s actually the mistress.

Do you know why they do this?

It’s because they capitalize on the fact that most of us ladyboys are very resilient when it comes to keeping a relationship discrete.  It hurts so bad because most of us are very smart to know that the majority of people in this world isn’t open to the idea of a “straight” man having a ladyboy girlfriend and our understanding is being repaid with treachery instead of love.  In any no form of shape do I want to be a mistress nor a side chick and if you share the same feeling with me, I will share with you some scenarios that may point towards knowing if you’re indeed… a clueless concubine.

No Photos Together

If he constantly denies you of a photo together even if you’ve explained to him that you want the photos for yourself only and that you won’t post it anywhere on social media, I’m pretty sure that you’re the side chick.  I get the discretion and all but like what the fuck?  It’s not like you asked him to change his relationship status on Facebook to be In a Relationship with you.  To be honest, not only is this very suspicious, but it’s also very offensive.  I don’t know how you’re still dating this dude, stop enduring this one sister!

His Time

If he works in the day time and he only gets to see you at hours like 4-8 PM and he is so concerned about going home early like he has a fucking curfew even if he’s a grown man, I’m pretty sure that you’re his side chick.  He has a family, wife, or a girlfriend to go home to, hence, you’re not getting into the primetime slot lol.  If you also notice that he seems like he has a lot of work to do being used as an excuse to leave you most of the time, you’re highly likely the mistress.  Stop doing this to yourself girl!

Valentine’s Day

This is the most telling of all in knowing if you’re truly the side chick or not, if he doesn’t spend a full day until the wee hours with you on February 14, you are in fact… the MISTRESS.  If he has ample time to celebrate with you in other dates apart from the most important date for 2 people in a relationship, you’re just fooling yourself and turning a blind eye.  I don’t care how amazing the sex is or how romantic that dude is, he WILL never ever marry you.  You are wasting your time with this man and you’re better off getting to know another one.  There are plenty of amazing, decent, and ready-to-love eligible bachelors in My Ladyboy Date to choose from.  Be smarter with your choices and good luck to you!



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