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How to know if your ladyboy date is into you?

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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Have you been communicating with an Asian ladyboy who you really like in a dating site and although you’ve been in touch with her for quite some time now, you’re still not sure if she’s really that into you?  I’m going to enlist some signs into sections in order for you to know if she sees you the way you view her.

I’m a ladyboy myself and although I fit in the category, everyone is unique so please take this guide with a grain of salt.


Hospitality is a common trait among Filipino and Thai ladyboys. Although it may not be the best telling characteristic to determine if she indeed likes you, you still must lookout for it. There’s such a thing as being too hospitable and if she seems to be at your beck and call and will attend to you almost instantaneously, she must really like you.

However, please know that not all ladyboys are quite like this. Don’t expect it from your future ladyboy girlfriend. Some ladyboys love the chase and they don’t like being too helpful to a man. They instead, want to be helped and are more in tune with their feminine energy.


This is a bit of a double-edged sword because let’s admit it, a man who gets rewarded very easily won’t pursue a plum that he quickly had the privilege to take a bite of. I know that I’m sounding like I’m from 1945 but realistically, I’ve been in the ladyboy dating game for such a long time and I’ve seen and heard it all.

a woman on a bed

Most men are hunters and if they are not able to experience a long and arduous journey into achieving their goal, they won’t be treating the prize as special as it should be. Ladies, please don’t be offended.

Going back to the topic, yes, love-making may be able to determine if she’s really into you. The question is about if the other person is into you and not if you’re into her so realistically, if she’s ready to give the prize away, she must really like you that much.


Dear gentlemen, there’s something more telling if a person likes you or not and it does not involve bodily fluids and excretions. If your ladyboy date is quite concerned about your welfare and is trying to constantly get updates of how you’re doing, she must be highly interested in you.

Simple “How are you?” and “Have you eaten” questions are already a dead giveaway that a person likes you. Please remember the keyword “CONSTANT” when it comes to using this section to determine someone’s feelings for you.

This may also be tied up with hospitality. There are some people who are a bit reserved and will not ask you directly what you need. They will sometimes just give you something to share their care or concern like thoughtful little gifts that she knows you may be in dire need of.

We will be talking more about gifts a little later on. Let’s move on to something that doesn’t require finances…


It’s like in everything that you do or say, she’s always there to support you. Say you talk regularly and you tell her some stories about your career or plans in life and she affirms you with words or she offers to help you in order for you to achieve your goals.

hand shake

Seriously, what would she benefit out of helping you? I’m pretty sure that most of us are busy in life but if she seems to be always there for you no matter what, she just might be smitten by you. Remember, there’s a thing of being too supportive and I’m pretty sure that you’ve experienced the same for someone who you’ve fancied before.

Added to that, I can personally relate to this as well. I find myself very supportive and sometimes, even if it’s embarrassing to admit, I become a bit of a groupie for someone who I really admire. Check this sign and I guarantee that you’d find this to be a quite helpful clue.

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Jokes are Half-meant

You may disagree all you want with me on this one but this saying holds a lot of truth to it. This type of sign may only be applicable if you have not met the ladyboy through a dating site. This is quite telling if she’s a friend, colleague, schoolmate, or anyone you know without having the premise of the two of you dating.

smiling women

If she likes to joke about how good of a pair you’d make or she’d tell you that she likes you then take it back, she’s probably just checking your reaction and is trying to hint that she does indeed, is quite into you. We’ve all done this type of thing one way or another to investigate a person’s reaction.


This is one of the most obvious signs that tell if a ladyboy’s truly into you. If you feel like she over compliments you even for the littlest things that you do, she probably likes you. Compliments are a way of cementing a person’s positive outlook on someone. True, they may also be used in negative ways such as ulterior motives or manipulation but in this case, compliments are probably given by her because she likes you.

nice couple

If she compliments how you look, your talents, your achievements, style, physique, and everything that encompasses your personhood, she most probably is into you. Admit it, doesn’t it take quite the courage to let a girl know how attractive you find her?

I’m sorry for the players out there. This may mean nothing to you because you call every girl beautiful on a whim but for the ones out there who are more genuine with their words, I’m pretty sure that you understand where I’m trying to get to.

Terms of Endearment

Does she greet you with “Hi handsome” or “Hi cutie”? Does she call you sweet terms of endearments such as baby, honey, darling, or sweetie? Does she do the same with other men or does she only do this to you?

If it’s the latter, she might be really into you. Personally, I use “Hey cutie” a lot if I find someone attractive and for me to cement into his mind that I find him quite attractive. This is one of the many ways to plant seeds into manifesting attraction from the other person.

She’s probably calling you these names because she wants your relationship to get somewhere other than friendship.

Words of Affirmation

I’m an Aquarius and it’s very hard for me to lie.  I’m fat and I’m going to tell you upfront because that’s how I roll (puntastic!).  If I like you, I’m going to say it out loud.  If I don’t like you, don’t expect euphemisms because I’m a straight shooter (sometimes it just drips depending on my stamina).  Geez Amanda!

writing in a book

Moving on, I’m pretty sure that you’re still skeptical because words aren’t always indicative of the truth.  Well… I’m able to decipher if words are only envelopes of lies when a guy says he loves me in less than a week.  It’s either he’s desperate or he’s just used to blurting out his faux affection to numerous other ladyboys.


Please do not mistake copping a feel with being touchy-feely. Yes, there are people who are naturally like this but this may also be one of the body languages that may help tell her true feelings for you.

lovely couple

If she likes to touch you whenever the two of you are together, she may be subtly letting you know that she’s into you. However, it’s very hard to find ladyboys like this as after all, we’re women and most of us are not as aggressive as men.


Gifts can be of any kind.  It can be wrapped in a box or a 1 minute “for your eyes only” hot dancing video.  I know how love isn’t supposed to be all about the deed but I’m assuming that since you’re looking for ladyboys (a term commonly used in Asia), and the majority of men signed up in My Ladyboy Date is from the west, your habitats are divided by seas; it’s inevitable that the both of you will use the internet as a catalyst for steamy and affectionate exchanges.

a gift box

I mean… if I really like someone and he loves to love my body, I’m going to show it to him in more ways than one.  Don’t think of love-making or anything that revolves around it negatively… calm down, it’s just making love!  Anyway, before my train of thought heads left, let’s go back to gifts…

If the girl likes to give you anything of any form from time to time to show that she thinks about you, there’s a high chance that she is indeed into you.

Moving on to the most important section and something that will really tell if a person really likes you is…


If she devotes a lot of her time to communicate with you, there’s nothing left to say. She really LIKES you. In fact, she just might be in LOVE!

an hourglass

Think of it this way… you wouldn’t spend so much time into something that you’re really not passionate about.  You won’t work so hard if you don’t like money or if you’re not enjoying your career.  You won’t play the game so much if you’re not enjoying it.  You will not work out for more than an hour if it doesn’t make you feel good.

If you find yourself so invested with someone or something by the currency of time, I’m pretty sure that you like it/her/him.  If she talks to you or sends you messages constantly round-the-clock, there’s a HUGE chance that SHE’S SO INTO YOU.  If your ladyboy crush happens to not give you either of the 3 above, it’s time to look for another one.  You can find her replacement in My Ladyboy Date, make a profile, you’ll never know.

Good luck!



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