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Why find love on an online ladyboy dating site

Meg Nuevo
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Do you know what ticks me really about dating online?  That despite the effort of maintaining a positive outlook about it, there will always be a reason for us to question “Why”.  I mean, how silly is that? Why am I single and why am I online looking for Love?  Why am I talking to strangers and why am I allowing myself to be an open book to people I don’t even know existed?  But you know what the truth is?  These questions only say a bit part of why you’re taking chances.  Of why you’re willing to spend time sitting in front of your computer hoping that today you will find “The One”.  Of why in some humorous idea the universe has played on you, that despite the effort of finding your love in this so-called “superficial” means of communication which often times you find frustrating, you see yourself wishing that someone out there is trying to find you too.

No advice. I think what you need more right now are answers to a number of “Why’s” listed on top of your heads. I’m pretty sure you want to hear about things fools would kill to hear. [Wink]

Oh well, here’s my take…

Why am I single?

The silliest question ever!  Honey, being single is a choice! It’s not some curse that your great, great, great grand-whatever has put on your bloodline.  You go out there wearing that self-confidence on your face paired with that sweet, fascinating smile and a killer outfit, I promise you – YOU will not go home empty handed!

Why date online?

It’s Cheap.  All you need to do is get connected on the internet, sit on a chair and be comfortable, then Whallah!, the world is yours for the taking including the future love of your life.  Adding it a pint of confidence and a litre of honesty and a dash of sincerity I’m pretty sure you’ll get to your dreams in no time.

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Why talk to strangers and do they really exist?

Well, it’s obviously better than talking to your pet dog or cat or yourself, now this is dangerous, isn’t it?  I mean, what’s so wrong about talking to strangers?  You’re not a 10-year old kid anymore!  Grow up!  Go out meet people and mingle. After all, most relationships were formed from two individuals who were total strangers but took the chance and dove into their passionate desires to find Love.  See? Not bad at all.  Do they exist? Baby, if they reply back and they talk back with you, they must exist.

Now, it’s all about you knowing how well you are with judging a character and/or following your gut feeling on whether or not the person you are talking with, in fact, act a living person.  Now, how do you do it?  Do your research! Experience also makes it a lot easier. So the more you try and fail, the more you become an expert yourself. Simple! [Wink]

Why bother?

Because you want to!  You know deep inside you, you need it! If not, You won’t find yourself very tensed on that chair reading my article this far.  But seriously, it’s not even the question of you really wanting it.  Ladyboy online dating can really be fun too, you know.  Enjoy the moment!  The amount of time you are to spend online depend merely on how serious you are with your objectives.   No pressure. Nobody is telling you what to do — No one else but you!

So why stick to dating online?  You don’t have to.  But it’s not a bad thing either.  This entire shebang simply aims to making things a whole lot easier for people who cannot do the more complicated things at the moment (meeting in person, emotional risks, conversations at a more personal level, fears, etc.) but who are willing to give it a try anyway.  Online dating may not be for everybody, just as sugar is not for people with diabetes or something like that.  What’s important is that you know what you want and that the level of determination is there to get what you want.  In whatever means it may be.  You may see a long, narrow road ahead but every memorable journey has always been worth the risk and time. And you know it. [Kiss]

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The first decent dating site for ladyboys & cool guys
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