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Breaking up with your Ladyboy Date

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz

There are times when the chemistry is only found within the walls of ladyboy dating websites. So, you’ve finally met your ladyboy date but she happens to be very different in person in a way that you regret turning the virtual reality into reality.  There are many factors as to why… it may be her looks, her real attitude, or simply the butterflies in your stomach are non-existent and I am not here judging you.

I actually commend you for being honest to yourself but I can say that you’re very shallow in considering dumping her solely because you don’t find her physically appealing lol.  I’m not sure how long of an investment you’ve made before finally meeting her or how large of a slice has your relationship taken from your bank account so leave me out of it if you’ve successfully broken up with your ladyboy girlfriend and finding out weeks later that you’re a jerk and that you shouldn’t have broken her heart.

Anyway… enough of the introduction and let’s head on to 3 ways in successfully breaking up with your ladyboy date.

Wait until you get back to your country and totally disappear

First, let me clarify, this article entails ways not “good ways” in breaking up with someone. If you’re a coward and you can’t own up to your feelings in front of your girlfriend, this path is definitely for you.  This is the most ungentlemanly thing a guy could do and you are seriously a disgusting person if you’re considering on doing this.

I… did this before too but only because I found out that my ex-boyfriend was married (he’s a Filipino guy who I’ve met in Macau when I was working overseas) and he NEVER mentioned it to me while we were dating!  He’s a jerk and it’s what he deserved. I became a mistress without even knowing it!  From the most cowardly way to break up with someone, let’s move on to the dumbest one…

It’s not her, it’s you

This shit has been played out so many times that no sane mind is going to believe it anymore.  Your ladyboy date may not be the one who you picture to end up with but she’s most certainly not dumb to fall for this one.  However, nobody can urge and manipulate you into not using this method to break up with someone and if you feel like going this route, then, by all means, step on the gas.

Finally, be a man and…

Tell her how you feel

Do you know what sucks more than being dumped?  It’s being dumped without closure! Being dumped with you wondering what went wrong and still having hope that you can patch things up.  Don’t leave the fool with false hopes just because you can’t man up to your feelings.  Yes, you’re a jerk and you have to wear that badge rather than hurting your ladyboy girlfriend further.  If you don’t like how she looks like, tell her. Should she happen to be a total bitch in person and that you’ve seen through her, lecture her.

If you’re simply not in love, let her know.  However, you’ve invested some time in getting to know her online already. I’m pretty sure that your short vacation won’t unravel her completely so please give her a fair chance.  Besides, not everyone is perfect and we all have good and bad sides.  Communication is as always, the key to a happy and successful relationship.

Best of luck to you!



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