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I made the decision to move to Thailand in 2013.  Within a few months, I was in Bangkok ready to start my new life.  There were a few reasons I decided to leave the UK.  The chance to live in a new country was fascinating, as was the opportunity to start a new career.  However, one of the key reasons for my move was to find a ladyboy date.

Whilst there are a large number of ladyboys in the UK I knew my chances of finding someone was higher if I lived in South East Asia.  There have been difficulties being here. However, one thing I can say that if you intend on having a serious relationship with a ladyboy, you really need to consider leaving your home country.


When I decided to leave the UK, I had to choose between Thailand or the Philippines. In the end, Thailand won mainly due to it being easier to find work and, as such, a visa which allowed me to legally stay in the country for a long period.  There are visas which you can get for both countries which suit all circumstances but for those who need to work Thailand is probably easier.  Filipinos speak great English but this makes it harder for expats to find jobs. Whereas English language skills, and expats, are in greater demand in Thailand.

If you are retired then both countries offer retirement visas which are easy to come by.  Of course, there are other countries where you can find a trans partner. But a lot of people will focus on Thailand and the Philippines due to the high number of potential partners in these countries.

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I did the whole online dating, long distance thing for a few years in the UK. I visited Asia once a year but it wasn’t really enough. The idea of seeing my partner once or twice a year wasn’t appealing.  I’ve met a lot of women (cis and trans) in Thailand who are in long distance relationships. I can tell you not all of them were committed and faithful to their overseas partner.  That isn’t to say you can’t have a successful long-distance relationship but if you are committed why not move to be together?  You also gain a whole new life when you move overseas.  There are excitement and adventure.  Professionally you could start a new career or develop new skills and try something different.  I can honestly say becoming an expat is great fun and is something I recommend everyone tries.

Presence is important

Whilst online dating is a good medium to find a partner, a large percentage of transgender women don’t have online profiles.  You need to be in their country to meet them.  On an average day, I probably see around 20 transwomen.  The chances of meeting someone are much higher if you are actually here in the country.  Just imagine meeting someone and being on a date with them within 24 hours, if you aren’t in their country it might be months or years before you can meet.  I still use online dating sites and a lot of ladyboys I speak to say they don’t bother replying to men who aren’t in their country.

Bad ratio

This means I get a good percentage of replies to messages I send.  A lot of trans members get hundreds of messages a day, who can blame them for not reading messages from guys who are on the other side of the world.  I know a lot of successful transgender women here in Thailand who work as architects, actresses and lawyers and some of them have been denied visas to the UK, USA and Europe despite having great jobs, big bank balances and a reason to return to their home country.  It goes to show that getting a tourist or permanent visa for your trans-partner isn’t easy.  By being in their country you take away the risk of them not being able to visit you.


In the end, you will get a lot more interest, more dates and better experience by moving to a country with a large number of transgender women. You might get lucky in your home country but if you are determined to have a relationship then you should try and commit at least a year of your life to come to another country and find your partner.

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