Dating an Ex Adult Performer

Posted on June 21, 2019
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They say history repeats itself. They also say that nothing is constant but change. I really don’t know what to believe, to be honest.

Today, I’m going to help you decide on whether to pursue a relationship with the ex-adult performer ladyboy you’re dating.  Let it be known that I’m an ex-adult performer myself. I did webcam shows and escorting but apart from those, I also did web design, call center, writing, business consultancy, real estate, and a whole lot more.

Please take this with a grain of salt because I may not share the same views with your ladyboy date.

What makes me, an ex-adult performer, dateable?

I’m not going to come up with a sob story about how I didn’t really like to work in the adult industry.  I enjoyed every moment of it but I’m at the time of my life where I’m turning 30 and the pounds are adding up. The need to diversify my income is of paramount importance lol.  Even after all the times when I earned easy money, I’ve never seen myself pursuing a career in the adult industry after I turn 30.

I’ve always told myself that I should’ve already invested so much money in order to quit it.  Even if working in the adult industry was more luxurious compared to other careers, I always knew that I wouldn’t be stuck in it hence I’m here, writing a dating article for you.

At 28, I still have a lot of dreams. There’s a huge amount that was shattered but I’m thankful enough that I’m already past the “jaded” feeling from working years in the adult industry.  I’m at the point of my life wherein I feel the novelty with dating men again.  The excitement in receiving messages in ladyboy dating website courses through just like from the good old days when I was just starting out.  I may have done a lot of things in the past that your mother wouldn’t approve of but I think that they should be overlooked because my sincerity towards finding the man to grow up with cannot be denied by just about anyone.

I’m willing to do and sacrifice a lot if I’m fortunate enough to find the right man for me and I’m not going to let anybody discount my integrity and virtues from my new-found character as a dignified woman.

Ask yourself

If the last paragraphs make you think that your ladyboy date shares the same ideas as I do, I think you should give her a chance.  A successful business is not built just by gleaming resumes.  It’s catapulted by hardworking employees who give out their 100% and perform beyond their limits.  Just like in a relationship, your partner’s history doesn’t matter. If LOVE is her utmost foundation in being with you, I think you’ve found your best business partner.  I hope that I was able to help you with your ladyboy dating dilemma.

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