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How to stop falling in love

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Nobody’s perfect and I think we’ve all experienced being in love with a person who we know has no chance of loving us back. It’s good to be confident and all but you have to know when enough is enough. If you’ve been messaging this girl in a ladyboy dating site but she’s not giving you the time of day or she’s simply stringing you along (you should know, you’re smart enough to create a profile), then I’m going to help you get over that person with proven efficacy (by me lol).

Yes, I’ve been in love with my classmate since 4th grade and I’m happy to share with you that I don’t have feelings for that moron anymore. I studied in an all-boys Catholic school and I’m not really banking on him liking me back anymore even after my transformation. I mean… I’ve added the idiot using numerous accounts already on Facebook and Instagram but he’s not giving me the time of day. We have mutual friends and I see him update his accounts from time to time and one time, he even CANCELLED my request so truly, enough is enough!

Oh gosh, I’m getting so heated right now lol. I’m sorry for being a bad paragon. I just took my hormones so pardonne moi. Let’s move on to how you can move on from that witch, I mean from that girl in the ladyboy dating site who’s treating you like a destitute being.

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Delete the Thread

It’s very common in networking sites to have an option to delete a thread of messages between 2 people.  If you keep looking at your past messages with her and see a fragment that there may be a possibility that you will end up with her because of her “sweet and short” replies, you’re just really headed up to a cul-de-sac.

Please don’t keep driving to a destination that’s literally going to end up nowhere. Don’t keep punishing yourself for something that you have no control of. Get this in your head, she’s just not that into you.

Block Her

If you’re like me who’s very unlucky and has never been given the time of day, I suggest for you to block the person you fancy. It’s of no help if you keep seeing the person online or if the ladyboy dating site keeps recommending that person to you. Her picture will just be a constant reminder of something that you really like and you know you’ll never get. Liberate yourself from the cage you built and start seeking for someone who truly deserves all the love you can give.


Love Yourself

Please know that you’re never going to find true love unless you start loving yourself first. You deserve proper care, attention, and respect.  There are 7 billion people in the world and don’t push your luck that out of that huge number, you’re going to end up with someone who you really like. I know how the person gives you butterflies and all but it’s all in the mind.

PS: I’m single so if you’re into someone as neurotic and as obsessive as I am, feel free to look for me on My Ladyboy Date. Just kidding!




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The first decent dating site for ladyboys & cool guys
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