Challenges with dating ladyboys in Asia

Posted on May 24, 2019
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Are you a brave man who’s certain about who you want in life and that someone happens to be a ladyboy who’s currently living in Asia?  Today, let me enlist some of the challenges when it comes to dating ladyboys in Asia.

Please know that this guide may or may not apply to you so please take it with a grain of salt.  Without further ado, let’s head on to the possible challenges that you’re going to conquer.


Most of the gentlemen signed up in My Ladyboy Date live in the West so this takes a huge chunk of the list.  This is really hard especially for someone like me who’s touchy-feely and doing cam 2 cam entails more torture as it leads to a situation like “You have her but you can’t touch her” kind of thing.  I know how hard it is but stay strong because there’s nowhere to go from there but up.  Patience, dedication, and most importantly, devotion, will all pay off once you finally get to meet your ladyboy date in Asia.  Don’t count the days, count the moments that you get to speak with her.  Make all your conversations meaningful and fun.


This is in connection with distance. If you have a lot of disposable income, distance really won’t be an issue for you.  With a lot of money, you can easily afford to take your ladyboy date to live with you and let’s be realistic, having a lot of money renders a lot of convenience.  If this is your problem like many of us do as well, rob a bank.  Just kidding.

Not to sound cliched but get a job or have another game plan.  Now that you really want to be with your ladyboy girlfriend, you have more motivation to “get your money up” (channeling my Apollo Nida from Real Housewives of Atlanta).  Just don’t do anything rush that can compromise your well-being lol.  A relationship is a 2-way street so your ladyboy date has to also make an effort in order to expedite your meeting.  Lastly…


Literally, if you’re from the West and she’s in Asia, your time zones are definitely not going to meet.  Apart from the time difference, this can be connected to money as well as this will become a luxury especially if you’re chasing more money.  The answer to this is as simple as 2 words… time management.  You and your ladyboy date should both agree on the exact time and duration on when to communicate.  Never neglect the importance of constant communication if you want a long-distance relationship to work.

The problems listed above are only a few of the problems when it comes to dating ladyboys in general but I am confident that you, yes you, the one reading this right now, are brave enough to accept all the adversities that may arise in order to be with the one you love.

Good Luck



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