Your Ladyboy Date’s Doubts

Posted on March 1, 2019
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You’re a good guy.  Everyone around you says so and you know yourself to the core that you’re not a stereotypical asshole.  You’re doing your best.  All your efforts always exceed a hundred percent, somehow, your ladyboy date doesn’t seem to trust you.

Being ladyboy myself, I have my fair share of heartbreaks.  I’m not going to write about how I coped with each one but just to let you know, one of those turned me really jaded and insecure.  I’m not trying to justify the actions of your ladyboy date and you’ll know as to why once you finish this article.

Let’s continue by talking about this person who has been draining you out.

Is she already your girlfriend?

If so, it’s going to be a lot more complicated.  If you’ve been together with her for quite some time and something in her has changed, it’s probably because you did something subconsciously.  Please know that I’m not putting the blame on you.  It’s just easier to start with you because it’s less invasive (channeling my inner fertility doctor).  If you’re certain that you’re a good person and you’re innocent as to why she’s turning into someone that you barely know, having an intervention with her is of paramount importance.

Be very specific with the changes you’ve noticed from her and talk about how you can gain her trust back.  If she makes a valid point on why she’s starting to have doubts and you’re open to compromise for the sake of love, go for it.  However, if she doesn’t have anything concrete to show you, remember to quote “Cat got your tongue?” on her.

You’re not at fault and she’s lying but you want to keep the relationship

Always remember that if a person accuses you of infidelity without any evidentiary support (you go Atty. Amanda), chances are that the person is using it as a defense mechanism for you do not have any doubts from her wrong-doing.  Invoke your inner Sherlock Holmes and figure out things. Trust me, it’s fun!

However, if it’s not just infidelity and she’s doubting you with other things like she’s not as proud of you as she was before or she’s doubting just about anything and contradicting all of your plans, you have to consider if you want to keep walking on eggshells.  To be honest, I learned a good trick on how to know if a relationship is worth keeping from my favorite show Sex and The City.  Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), asks Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), to make a list with a PROS and CONS column and to see which is longer.  It’s very smart to know that love can turn a smart person dumb.  It can help though…

She’s just a ladyboy date

It turns out that she’s already a bitch from the get-go.  Ask Cordelia Fox to cast a protection spell and run far away.  You don’t need that negative energy in your life.  This is the perfect time to end a relationship because you’re not emotionally invested yet.  Unless it’s love at first sight, you’re under the sex haze, or you’re very shallow and just find her physically insatiable.

Anyway, may the odds be in your favor.



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3 responses to “Your Ladyboy Date’s Doubts”

  1. I was new in that two years ago ,in spite I am not young.
    I had ladyboy gf tthat fought and argue with me on money,in spite she was working as call operator in Makati..When I knew the place where she is living ,I believed that I “understood” why so much fight about that.
    But , anyway , problems in our relationship went worse and worse.
    We broke down a lot of times,because she was always angry for some reason.I remember one day when we were going to church to thank God we knew each other ,we were riding on a bus,and I only got 1000 pesos to spend the whole day outside,in spite of she told me to get money enough to do it.Well ,I was absent minded and only got 1000 pesos to go, forgetting her advice to get more,ok.Anyway I got a credit card in my pocket.No problem.
    Then ,inside bus,she asked me About how much money I had got and I said 1000 pesos…..she begun to get super angry ,we were close each other but chatting,but she did not look at me only showed me her back.i was afraid to tell her”,no worries I have a credit card here”, but finally I did it ,but she kept on anger ,I was like frozen.Later we were in front of church but i was not able to come in it .She did it.
    I could not understand it.
    Anyway ,we kept our relationship after that disgusting.
    I don’t remember if that time we broke down or not
    I remember well the others but not that.We broke down ten times befibe.
    Five times while we were chatting after meeting,five more when we knew each other .

    • Sasha says:

      I met someone on here 2years ago we chatted every single day twice a day in fact, I fell in love with her she fell in love with me I know she did, my job took me to Hong Kong then I went to Philippines as I got to my hotel and sat there eating dinner in my room so excited waiting for her to come back from her provence. I then got a message formaly ending it with me my whole world fell apart, it sounds stupid I know, but it did it so did that was in December 2018. I still love this girl, I still cry my eyes out it did affect me more than my ex girlfriend five years ago leaving me, honestly that’s the truth. She is beautiful and kind loving and a very honest girl. She is everything I’ve ever wanted.. In January 2019 we spoke and she told me that she ended it on purpose and thought it would all fall into place, she thought I’d pursue her and go to her apartment she wanted me to prove my love for her but she didn’t think about the rejection I’d had in the past by my ex girlfriend. But it wasn’t her fault she’s a very neive girl and even though my heart breaks every single day and I do still cry, I had to give my job up in February/March as my father passed away in his sleep and I felt it was the best way to deal with that, my father never got to meet her but he knew I had fallen in love with a lovely transgender girl, I had his blessing over a year before his words where, its gods plan everything is done by him, you are ment to be together. Well I’m not saying I believe that but I will pass my advice to you now. Treat your transgender female with respect love honesty do not treat her like a second class citizen she is not she is equal to you she deserving of being part of your life she will be good to you she will love you like no one as ever done she will be your lover supporter wife your girlfriend your everything don’t let her go. Finally, I miss her still I love her I adore her and yes finishing this I look at her photo and cry. Thanks for reading

  2. Cyril says:

    I can relate 😂

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