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Your Cheating Ladyboy Date

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It’s very obvious from the title that we’re going to tackle infidelity today.  If your ladyboy date happens to be a cheater but you’re still in the sex haze or you’re deeply in love and can seem to forget about her actions but you also want to do something about the situation, by all means, keep reading.

That was a long-ass paragraph but I felt the need to put a disclaimer because I’m pretty sure that I’ll ruffle some feathers from my take.  There are different reasons why people cheat. Some are justifiable (domestic violence, life and death scenarios, or etc.), and some are just plain vile and disgusting.  If you are certain that you aren’t doing anything that can lead to your ladyboy date to cheat, please keep reading.

She’s cheating because you’re in a long-distance relationship

Didn’t the both of you sign up for this? I can’t think of anything that can justify her cheating just because the 2 of you aren’t together physically.  Physical touch is very important but it’s not the main aspect as to why the 2 of you are in a relationship (unless the both of you are shallow lol).  Someone who cheats just to have sex is clearly someone who has NO RESPECT for you.  Respect is very important in a relationship and if it’s not included in the foundation of what you have, the relationship is doomed to fail.  Dump her immediately and find someone closer to home. Easier said than done, I know. But… do you really want to live your life this way?

She’s cheating on you for MONEY

Not only is this insulting to your part because it alludes to the fact that you’re not a good provider, but it’s also very cheap and tacky.  If I have a boyfriend who loves me the way as you do (do you?), I wouldn’t cheat just to be able to benefit my worldly desires.  A genuine man who’s in love is a diamond in the rough and is much more valuable than any unlimited amount of what a credit card can offer.  If your ladyboy date was able to stomach hurting you just for something so superficial expect that she’d cheat on you again for way less trivial reasons.  That person has no self-respect and doesn’t respect you either. I’m sorry Jimmy but you’d have to send her a text message immediately and break up with her.  Since she’s so cheap, make the breakup even cheaper in the form of a Facebook messenger DM and end it with something that starts with a “B” and continues with “itch”.

She’s cheating because she doesn’t find you attractive

Shorty got low, low, low… lol.

I mean, I’m not going to be a hypocrite by saying that all of my exes were my type sexually but at the very least, why can’t she just fucking watch porn!? Lol.  There are a lot of free videos online with different categories and different types of men.  I have bad news for you, your ladyboy can’t be saved.   Even Sadako won’t help bring her back from the well because of how deep she’s in with her superficiality.  End it with her, it’s what she deserves.

These people will get their karma. Nobody can defy gravity (physically) lol.



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