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How I got over a cheating boyfriend part 2

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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So I’ve been listening to Confessions Part 2 by Usher lately. It’s the song that inspired me to write about my cheating boyfriend.

I was not able to tackle how I’ve really gotten over him because the first part was filled with my reminiscent anger which urged me to write about what he did so all of you can relate as to why I have the need to let it all out lol. If you’ve been cheated by a man you’ve met from a transgender dating website, feel free to keep reading.

The first thing I did was to send him a long-azz message of how I felt and reminded him of everything he did before I blocked him from everywhere.


Facebook and Whatsapp. The only way he could contact me was through mobile and e-mail and the first week was pretty annoying. My phone kept ringing but I couldn’t change my number so be prepared to get an influx of continuous rings. The annoyance dimmed down to an empowering feeling of power-flip as I kept rejecting his calls. He was like a dog begging for food which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Remember to diligently follow this first step if you really want to move on. Block him from EVERYWHERE you can possibly can.

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Unless it’s something you can sell and of good value lol. I mean let’s be practical for a moment here. In my case, it was very easy to let go of the things he gave me because they’re cheap (in a way that they weren’t thought of, we’re both Aquarius so I know when we make an effort and his gifts were really RANDOM. Literally cheap (he even got me a necklace he got from a sidewalk on his way back to the hotel from 7-eleven. I mean it’s the thought that counts but at least get something decent like I was 23 years old and he gave me a necklace worth $1 to MAKE UP after he slept with a trans street worker in the hotel room next to ours.

Toxic memories (I find that he only gave me gifts when he was feeling apologetic and guilty. He never gave me anything out of just wanting to make me feel special.)


For some reason, I felt a breath of fresh air after I broke up with him. There was something so invincible about being single again and knowing that there are much better things to do with my time to improve myself as an individual rather than waste it on him.
I was able to find new gigs and got really busy from earning money which is quite honestly, a very good way to divert oneself from a heartbreak.

Spend your extra time on something like a part-time job or whatever.


I have a type and it’s someone who has swag and has a bit of a bad boy persona. Long story short, I get attracted to a-holes.

So… after the failed relationship, I was able to heal months after and got the courage to start something new. I got involved with my childhood classmate who’s really nerdy and… suffice to say, just not my type. He was too uptight and his jokes were mostly VERY corny that I had to fake the chemistry all the time.

Anyway… it was good while it lasted. However, try dating out of your usual preference and see where it can lead you.

Good luck to you!



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