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Ladyboy Dating Do’s

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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As a ladyboy myself, I think I at the very least am eligible to give advice to what a person should do when it comes to dating ladyboys.  Every ladyboy is different and some may not be as high maintenance as I am or above my standards so take everything with a grain of salt.

Without further ado, let me tell you what to do! I’m rhyming, give me some credit.

DO talk with decency

When I say decency, I don’t mean for you talk to her like a clergyman, priest or a monk. Exude an aura of integrity, dignity, and respect.

Don’t act like a fool when you talk to your ladyboy date.  When you feel like saying “I want to rip your panties with my teeth”, put it lightly with something like “I would like to unwrap you like a graduation present.”.  The first one is extremely hot though but you’ll never know, the ladyboy you’re dating might be prude so better stay on the safe side of the court.

DO charm her with ACTIONS

Talk is cheap so better ready your arsenal of Casanova knowledge.  Wine and dine her.  Take her out on a fancy date.  Make her feel and see things she has never experienced before.  Give her something (doesn’t have to be expensive) to make her feel that she’s special.

People say I’m a pretty girl but every gift a man gives me still holds a special feeling in my heart and the novelty will never wear out in receiving gifts especially if it’s from somebody who I really like.  I mean my crush gave me an old coin and I still treasure that thing like it’s Prada.

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DO know more about her

Apart from what you can do for her, you should also evoke emotions that will make her feel like you’re not only interested in her because of her looks but because of her personality as well.  You’d want to get into the nitty-gritty of her character and asking about her goals, day, aspirations, pet peeves, and just absolutely anything about her including trivia will make her feel like you’re so into her.

Also, remember her birthday and minute details about her because trust me, when you spark a conversation with her and you perfectly insert that little trivia you remember about her, she’ll be thinking you’re the holy grail guy and you’re one of a kind for remembering that she prefers Coffee Bean over Starbucks.

DO help her

There are numerous ways you can help outside financial aspects.  I don’t know what her situation is but just being there for her, listening to her woes, supporting her and giving her invaluable advice will really make the relationship between you and your ladyboy date stronger than ever.

Take into consideration if she’s the type who doesn’t like being helped and completely forget about this.  Some ladyboys are very independent so know where to draw the line for her not to get the wrong idea.  Personally, I’d love to be helped in every possible way because I’m a damsel in distress but you get my gist.

There are still a ton of things that you can DO when it comes to ladyboy dating but this article will be endless so I’m going to have to stop myself now.

Thank you for reading!



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