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How to get over your Ladyboy Ex

Amanda Valentine Dela Cruz
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I always think that novelty wears out. First, she’s your ladyboy date, then your girlfriend… then ex.

Wow, Amanda! How very bitter of you!

I now believe why people say that love is magical… it’s truly only experienced by a lucky few.

When I say love I mean LOVE, no cheating, no papers just because of convenience, no being together just for the sake of being together.

How do you really get over your ladyboy date?

I’m a ladyboy so our perspectives may be different. If you’re a guy, take this with a grain of salt.


Memories linger on photographs and messages and it doesn’t help to keep those things to remind you of your ex-girlfriend.  Your brain has been nagging you for days and reminding you of her and little things that can trigger your brain to reminisce about happy memories with her won’t help you truly move on.

What I do to forget my exes as fast as I can is I delete EVERYTHING.  Photos, voice messages, text messages, call logs, his number, etc.  I even went far from blocking my exes.  That’s just me I guess.  Factoring the reasons why I broke up with my exes will get you to agree on why I did the blocking.

There are exes who remain, friends, you can go that route as well.  This is the very reason why I made a disclaimer for you to take this with a grain of salt lol.

Throw / Sell / Give away EVERYTHING

I don’t need to see the face of the guy who cheated on me for a street hooker so I sold all his gifts to me lol.  I don’t know what your situation is but not seeing stuff that your ex-gave you is truly liberating.  Keeping things that remind you of the joyous moment when your ex gave you something makes you want to experience it again.  It makes her a heroine to your eyes and makes you rethink your decision (if you’re the one who broke up with her).

If your relationship with your ex was more toxic then loving, I’d say throw away everything.  BURN them even!

Get a new Hobby

An activity that will take a lot of your time will make you think less of your ex.  You can finally start going to the gym because you’ve been wasting too much money on the forgotten existence of your membership.  You can also start a small business online or learn new skills with your newly-found free time.  I think this applies to everyone so don’t discount this tip. It’s of paramount importance to occupy your time with something more beneficial to your growth as a person rather than sulking and thinking of “shoulda, woulda, coulda”.

One thing you don’t do is go on a fuckfest with random strangers if you don’t want an STD.  Just think of something that you truly have a passion for and go for it.

Start a band, go paint, I don’t know!  If all else fails, you can always try to get back with her. Haha! Now you’re back to square one lol. Just kidding.

Good luck!



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