When to propose to your Ladyboy Date

Posted on October 12, 2018
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Here comes the bride, all dressed in white… Ok STOP!

I believe in love at first sight but hold your horses. Being smitten is a lovely feeling but don’t confuse that with love just yet.  Today, I’m going to give you an advice that you should take with a grain of salt on when to propose to your ladyboy date.


This is the paramount factor to consider before settling down. I know quality is more important than quantity but let’s not take away the fact that many marriages end prematurely because of a very short relationship prior to the wedding.  Sometimes, it’s not your heart that’s beating. The feeling of being “dickmatized” can be comparable to psychotic drugs.  It’s inevitable to mistake your erection as equivalent to someone who’s having butterflies in the stomach.

Enough time of living together will not only reveal real feelings, it’ll also reveal one’s bonafide personality.  Little things like organization incompatibility can cripple a lasting relationship so you have to know if you can live with your ladyboy date on a daily basis without having the feeling of wringing her neck along with the bed sheets you just laundered.

Level of Love

Some of us sometimes mistake comfortability with a long-lasting love.  This may sound corny but you have to reflect if your ladyboy date is truly THE ONE.

Why do you have to know this?


If you’re in a relationship with her but you’re not feeling like you want to give your body, mind, soul, time, and world to her, then this means that she’s just there for your convenience.  In time, you’ll be able to realize that you’d want more and it can lead to you cheating on her with chances of things getting so ugly which include alimony, divorce, settlements, and etc.  If my future husband cheats on me, I’ll take every single dime I can get. Just saying.

Financial Capacity

I don’t know what your set up is but are the both of you prepared for the financial requirements of a marriage.  Let’s be realistic, most of the time, if you’re from the west and you want an Asian Ladyboy Date who’s from Asia, you’re going to have to go through a lot of spending before you finally get to be with her for good.

Are your savings ready? Ready in terms of are they enough and you being mentally ready that it will be sliced off.  Be in touch with your money pie before deciding on marrying your ladyboy date.  Not only will you be spending a lot on trying to take her to your country, there are also future instances that you’ll also have to prepare for.  Say she decides to work in your country and the only mode of transportation is by car.  Can she already drive? Will her future work be close to your office and ride-sharing is a possibility? If not, can you afford to buy her a car?  What about her insurance… health, life, and etc.  These things don’t magically drop on the doorstep of the new home you bought for you and your ladyboy date.

I can talk more about this but for now, think of those 3 factors and think very hard.



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